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Chapter 3473: A New Addition (89)

The Civil Affairs Bureau was near the bustling city center.

Gu Jinglian walked far ahead.

Chu He finally caught up with him and said unhappily, “Gu Jinglian, what are you trying to do”

He and his whims and fancies!

“Buy some clothes.”

“What clothes” Chu He continued, “Whats wrong with this dress Besides, were here to register our marriage today, and were leaving right after thats done.

Is there a need to go through so much trouble”

And more importantly, there was not enough time.

She made a mental calculation.

It was now 9:30am.

If they were to go shopping for clothes at the mall and then come back, the Civil Affairs Bureau would close for lunch break and they would only be able to register in the afternoon.

It would be a waste of time.

Gu Jinglian was grouchy.

“How are you going to take a photo in this dress”

He was a typical Virgo, a perfectionist and unable to tolerate any flaws.

Initially, he thought that he only needed to get a certificate to register his marriage.

However, he later realized that he had to take a photograph.

There were so many couples who were all dressed up, yet she appeared so casual.

And to think he was wearing a suit.

How could he tolerate her dressing this crudely and taking a photograph with him

In what ways was her present outfit an eyesore to him

Was there a problem

The corner of Chu Hes lips twitched.

“I didnt expect that even for something like getting your marriage certificate, youd want it to be perfect.”

Gu Jinglian ignored her.

He walked into a department store and Chu He followed behind him with a troubled expression.

The dazzling decorations and furnishings almost blinded her.

Too flashy!

She subconsciously rubbed her eyes and in a blink Gu Jinglian was ahead by miles again.

This guy!

With such long legs, each step he took was easily a meter wide.

Couldnt he walk a little slower

Chu He caught up with him, but he suddenly stopped at a clothing store.

She couldnt stop in time and rammed right into his back.

She reeled from the impact.

“Get in.” He was stingy with words.

If he could express what he wanted with a single word, he would definitely not waste another word.

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Chu He stepped in reluctantly and was greeted by a light fragrance in the air.

Shortly after, she was dazzled by the high-end fashion on display.


The shop assistant came up to Chu He.

Before they could exchange greetings, a chilling presence permeated the space, causing the assistant to look behind Chu He.

She saw a handsome but imposing man walking in.

Gu Jinglians icy and sinister expression, as well as his incomparably noble and superior attitude, gave off a frightening aura!

The staff froze on the spot.

Gu Jinglian pushed Chu He in front of the shop assistant and instructed expressionlessly, “Pick a few dresses for her.”

“Yes, Ill do so right away!”

The shop assistant was so frightened that she broke out in cold sweat.

She immediately went to the wardrobe to make a selection.

Chu He looked around and noted that the garments in this clothing store were all exquisite and beautiful, they were absolutely stunning.

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

There is a reason why expensive things are expensive.

Chu He acted calm as she walked to the racks and randomly picked up a piece of clothing.

She reached for the price tag and sneaked a look.

Then, she tried to remain calm as she turned around and walked back to Gu Jinglian.

“Gu Jinglian, did you bring enough money”


Gu Jinglian said confidently, “I dont have any money on me.”


Chu He lowered her voice and questioned, “Why did you come to the mall if you didnt bring money!”

“I brought a credit card..”


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