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Chapter 3469: A New Addition (85)

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Chu He was dumbfounded as she watched Butler Fu cradling the enamel vase with heartache.

Her lips twitched.

He didnt seem surprised that Gu Jinglian was smashing things up.

On the contrary, he seemed more concerned over the priceless antiques that had been thrown onto the ground.

Did this mean that it was normal for Gu Jinglian to be smashing things around like this

Not too far off, there was another loud crash.

Butler Fu nervously instructed the servants, “What are you all standing around for! Hurry up and catch them!”

“Yes!” The group of servants ran towards the living room in a panic.

Catch them

Catch what

What did that mean

When Chu He came to the living room, she was shocked to see Gu Jinglian kicking over the display shelf housing the antique vases.

A group of people rushed over and did what they could to catch the vases, nervously holding these pieces in their arms.

The moment the Demon King raised a vase above his head, the servants lunged forward and got on their knees with their hands wide open, ready to catch it.

Butler Fu dashed over, still carrying the enamel in his arms.

When he saw the mess at his feet and the porcelain that Gu Jinglian was holding up, he turned pale with fright.

“Old Master! No! Thats Qianlong ware from the Ming and Qing dynasties…”

Before he could finish speaking, Gu Jinglian had thrown the vase onto the ground.

Another group of people lunged forward pathetically and caught the priceless vase!

Butler Fu heaved a sigh of relief and walked towards Gu Jinglian with an almost tearful face.

“Old Master, whats wrong Why are you throwing a tantrum so early in the morning”

Gu Jinglian did not even look at him and completely ignored him.

Finally, Chu He couldnt tolerate it any longer.

She walked up and grabbed his sleeve, questioning, “Its early in the morning, whats wrong with you”

Gu Jinglian flung her hand away in disgust, as if her hands were dirty.

His face turned pale at the thought of this hand hugging another man.

Chu He held back her anger and looked to the side.

Butler Fu put his palms together and bowed to her like he was praying to a Buddha, as if pleading with her to persuade Gu Jinglian!

She endured it for a while before saying calmly, “What exactly do you want”

Gu Jinglian turned around and said, “An explanation.”

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“An explanation”

What was there to explain

Chu He furrowed her eyebrows and finally realized that the messages on her phone had angered this man.

“Didnt I already tell you Theres nothing to explain!”

Pausing, she saw that Gu Jinglians expression had darkened even more and she snapped, “Its not what you think!”


Gu Jinglian spat out the word and his good looking eyes narrowed slightly.

“Hug who”

Chu He said patiently, “I was too tired after coming home yesterday, so I didnt finish my sentence! I had wanted to reply to him – Apologies, Im not willing.

In the end, I fell alseep after typing just one word!”

With her explanation, Gu Jinglians expression softened.

Seeing that he believed her, she added, “Looking through other peoples phones is an invasion of privacy! Youre not allowed to do that again.”

Butler Fu shuddered in fear when he heard that.

Chu He actually dared to speak to Old Master like this!

Not allowed!

Only the Old Master was in the position to “not allow” something.

No one had ever dared to disallow Old Master anything.

When Gu Jinglian heard this, his expression darkened.

“No one was looking through your phone.”

“If you didnt, are you saying that my phone jumped into your hands”

Gu Jinglian turned around and snorted arrogantly, as if silently agreeing..


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