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Chapter 3461: A New Addition (77)


“Its a long story.” Chu He smiled.

“Sometimes, marriage and dating have nothing to do with each other, right”

In other words, she meant: Stop asking.

I dont want to talk about it.

Now that she had said this, it became quite impossible for anyone to probe further.

Li Xiaofeng felt extremely disappointed when he heard this.

Everyone looked at him with heartache.

He had no idea how to break the awkwardness, so he gulped down a glass of beer as a form of venting!

Following that, everyone started chatting about other trivial matters.

Still going along with their initial intention to get Chu He drunk, the men took turns toasting her.

Chu He didnt refuse any of them, but after several bottles of wine, she remained sober.

In fact, the men started to get drunk.

What they didnt know was that Chu He had an abnormally high tolerance for alcohol.

Especially beer, which she could down mug after mug without getting drunk.

Up till now, she had only been defeated once, and that was by a bottle of vodka that was 80% alcohol by volume.

She was knocked out after downing a whole bottle of it.

Beer is a low alcohol drink.

Besides taking up some space in her stomach, it really could not do anything to her.

It was at this point that the group settled down and stopped trying to get her drunk.

However, from that point on, Li Xiaofeng was no longer in the mood for small talk.

He kept gulping down beer after beer, and before he knew it, there were many empty beer bottles at his feet.

Chu He looked at Li Xiaofeng and was rather stunned.

She thought that he had something on his mind, which was why he was drinking.

By the end of the meal, Li Xiaofeng was completely drunk.

He was slumped over the table with a flushed face and talking incoherently!

One of the team members returned after paying the bill, and was at a loss as to what to do with the completely drunk captain.

Someone suggested, “Chu He, why dont you send Xiaofeng back”

Chu He looked up and raised her eyebrows.

The group of men were looking back at her earnestly.

“Alright, I understand.”

Chu He stood up and patted Li Xiaofengs shoulder, saying “Captain, Ill send you home.”

Li Xiaofeng looked up at her with bloodshot eyes and started, “Xiao He, I…”

“Captain, Chu He is sending you home! Are you able to stand up”

A few colleagues tried to help him up, but the man lost his balance and took everyone down with him.

Li Xiaofeng was tall and strong, and of course, he was rather heavy.

Besides, he was drunk and unsteady.

It was impossible to help him up even when everyone chipped in.

Chu He suddenly said, “Make way, all of you.”

Everyone obediently moved aside.

Chu He walked over and squatted down.

She grabbed Li Xiaofengs waist and with one swift motion, lifted him across her shoulders!

She actually bore the man across her shoulders!

The woman was carrying a 1.8-meter tall man across her shoulders!

The group of people widened their eyes and gasped.

Chu He, on the other hand, looked calm and composed.

She turned around and said to them, “Ill send Captain home then.

Well leave now.”

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With that, Chu He carried him away expressionlessly.

For a long time after Chu He had left, no one could react.


Wasnt she a little too tough!

“What a terrifying woman…”

“No wonder she could take down so many men single-handedly…”

“I think her arms might be thin, but theyre nothing but muscles.

I dont know what she used to do or if she was born with such strength.”


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