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Chapter 278: Old Story

As soon as her voice fell, sounds of footsteps came out from the corridor and stopped at the entrance of the room.

*Tock, tock, tock*

Then, someone knocks on the door.

Yun Shishi frowns her eyebrows and walks towards the door.

But, as soon as she opens it, she saw Yun Yecheng with a sad face.

Who knows why, but after a night, he seems aged a lot.

Yun Shishi felt surprised and looked behind Yun Yecheng, but she didn’t saw Yun Liqin.

Yun Yecheng saw her reaction, he immediately said: “No one else came.

I came alone.”

“Dad … …” While looking at him, Yun Shishi felt a bit complex, she wanted to say a lot of words, but no words came from her mouth.

Helplessness, regret, ashamed, and decisiveness were all written on Yun Yecheng’s face.

Regarding this child, he really owes her a lot.

So, this time, he wanted to make things clear.

“Shishi, I wanted to take a look at Youyou and talk to you about something.”

Yun Shishi’s lips curve into a smile, then said: “Dad, Youyou is okay.

The doctor said that he is no longer in danger.

It was his old disease.

But, he is already asleep now.” 

Yun Yecheng sighed and said slowly: “You can rest assured, I will only take a look.

Then, I will leave him alone.”

Yun Shishi nodded her head and opened the door.

Yun Yecheng came inside, he walked over the bed and stand firm, as if he didn’t see Mu Yazhe.

At this moment, Youyou was still sleeping in Mu Yazhe’s arms.

Covered with a quilt, his face looks so peaceful and gentle.

Yun Yecheng sat on the edge of the bed and looked at the little guy’s fragile appearance.

He stretches out his hand to touch his cheek, but he retrieves it half way and revealed, a painful expression on his face.

“I don’t deserve to be called grandfather… …”

“Dad… …”

Yun Yecheng suddenly stood up and went to the balcony.

Then, he waved his hand to Yun Shishi.

Yun Shishi immediately entered the balcony and closed the door.

After the father and daughter looked at each other for a long time.

The silence died because Yun Yecheng suddenly burst into tears.

“For all the years you’ve been wronged, dad feels so sorry! I’m so sorry,  it’s dad, it’s dad’s fault for not protecting you and only made you suffer!”

As soon as his voice fell, Yun Shishi’s eyes redden and tear immediately fall.

No one will understand the mixed feeling she is feeling now.

Over these past few years, Yun Yecheng has always treated her like his own daughter.

Even though Yun Liqin and Yun Na didn’t recognize her, at least, she can eat and wear clothes.

This thing has nothing do with him.

Yun Yecheng fulfilled his responsibility as a father. 

Even though they are not related by blood.


In the past, because Yun Yecheng was sick and got infertile.

He and Yun Liqin decided to adopt a baby boy.

So, the two of them went to the orphanage.

At the time, when he first met her, she was in the bedroom.

Yun Yecheng, who was standing near the window, looked at the nine-year-old Shishi.

In there, she was curling up in the bed and shivering.

Her eyes were empty and her face was full of gloomy expressions.

After taking a closer look, he saw her body was full of bruises and scars.

Some are blue in color and some are purple.

Her mental condition is very poor.

Yun Yecheng doesn’t know why, but he felt in pain.

Whether it is her facial features or temperament, the child looks very beautiful.

She looks very clever too.

Who knows why, but all the children are playing outside, only except her.

She was only staying in the bed while holding her knees.

And she seems to be trembling in fear.

She must be bullied by the other children, right

Yun Liqin urged him to leave, but Yun Yicheng said to the teacher behind him, that he wanted to see the poor child.


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