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Chapter 3454: A New Addition (70)

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When he suddenly pulled her into his arms, she was so shocked that she forgot what she was about to do.

The world spun before her eyes, and she was pressed onto the sofa by him.

Gu Jinglian leaned into her ear, his charming voice speaking in a drawl as an effect of the alcohol.

He told her, “Dont try anything funny.”

This was both a piece of advice and a warning!

Chu He widened her eyes.

Before she could say anything, he had sealed his mouth over hers! The sudden kiss made her mind go blank!

In all her life, she had never had intimate contact with any man, let alone being kissed on the lips! She felt his warm breath against the corners of her lips.

His frivolous behavior made her angry and she tried to resist.

However, Chu He had underestimated Gu Jinglians strength.

She was not his match!

Although Gu Jinglian had many bodyguards around him, it did not mean that he did not have skills.

On the contrary, none of his bodyguards were his match.

Rather than thinking of them as bodyguards, they were more like scapegoats.

If they were attacked, these bodyguards would become his punching bags, blocking the attacks for him.

This was a heartless man!

Soon, she was restrained by him and her hands were secured behind her back.

Even though he did not use handcuffs or ropes, she could not move at all.

Chu He glared at him, trembling in fear.

She thought that her actions had been discovered, but in the next second, Gu Jinglian bent over and kissed her again!

What happened next almost turned her entire world upside down!

She was no match for him at all, so she allowed him to do whatever he wanted.

When she woke up at dawn, her aching body reminded her that what happened last night was not a dream!

She could not remember the circumstances in which she left.

She had awkwardly put on her clothes and fled from the room.

She had no idea if the man was only pretending, or if he really did not remember what had happened that night, but he never mentioned it again.

She figured he must have been so drunk that night that he had forgotten everything he did and said.

But what she did not expect was that he was very sober and remembered everything clearly.

Being completely clueless in things of this nature, Chu He did not take any protective measures after the incident.

When the Gu family ordered her to be gotten rid of, she didnt even know that she was pregnant with his child.

This incident was also considered by Gu Jinglian as a mere accident.

It wasnt as though feelings ran out of control that night.

Nor was it negligence.

Instead, he knew very well that this woman had a murderous intent towards him, so he could not keep her.

Having feelings for her

It was simply impossible.

However, five years later when she reappeard, it was, unexpectedly, in her capacity as his sons mother.

She had bore him a son.

This was something he completely did not expect.

Gu Jinglian was initially appalled by the appearance of Baby Chu.

It had never occurred to him that he would have a son in his lifetime.

He was filled with conflicting feelings towards the son who had suddenly come into his life.

However, once this noisy little fellow appeared before him, it created chaos in his originally cold and lonely world.

His wintry heart started to warm up!

For some reason, no matter how cold-hearted he was, he started to lose control after seeing Baby Chu.

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