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Chapter 3450: A New Addition (66)

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Chu He smiled, “Captain, you should rest early too!”

“Wait! Chu He…” The other party suddenly called out to her nervously.

Chu He raised her eyebrows and asked in surprise, “Whats the matter Is there anything else”

The captain smiled and said, “I just wanted to ask you how old you are.

Usually, girls your age should be already dating!”

Gu Jinglian frowned unhappily when he heard the mans voice.

Chu He said disapprovingly, “I dont have a partner.”

“You dont have a boyfriend!” The man on the other end of the line seemed excited for a moment.

Just from his tone, it was as if he had heard the greatest news.

“Youre single”

“Hmm… I guess you can say that.

Why are you suddenly asking this”

“Oh… Oh, its nothing! As the captain, I have to be concerned about my subordinates lifelong affairs!”

“Oh, I see.” Chu He didnt hold back.

In this aspect, she was especially ignorant.

The man behind her looked even more sinister now.

Was this woman an idiot

That man was obviously interested in her, to be asking a question like this.

Otherwise, why would someone ask such a question normal circumstances Judging from his tone, he was rather nervous.

When he found out that she was single, he was inexplicably excited.

Was she really unable to tell or was she pretending to be stupid

After Chu He hung up, she turned around and bumped into Gu Jinglians chest.

She frowned in pain as her forehead rammed against his collarbone.

It was rather painful! She took a few steps back while Gu Jinglian stood in front of her expressionlessly, not moving at all.

His eyes were fixed on her, as if he was studying her.

She asked warily, “Why are you staring at me”

“Who was that man who called” he finally spoke.

Chu He was stunned! What was wrong with this man today Was he quite alright Why would he bother with someone other than himself and Baby Chu, for no apparent reason Gu Jinglian had always been indifferent.

He never cared about anyone and treated others as air.

“What does it have to do with you” Chu He didnt sound very friendly, “Why are you suddenly concerned about this”

“Why, cant I ask”

“Nobody of any importance.” Chu He saw Gu Jinglians expression turning icy, so she added, “Captain of the anti-vice team, my direct superior.”

“Anti-vice team”Gu Jinglian felt that this was extremely ironic.

“Of all the jobs in the world, why did you join the anti-vice team”

“Is there a problem” Chu He did not feel it was an issue, even though the man standing in front of her right now was Baby Chus biological father, and also a man that everyone in the anti-vice group hated to the core.

She joined the anti-vice team because of her identity and background.

She was definitely qualified for this job.

She preferred to work with men.

She would not be able to handle the politicking and scheming between the female colleagues in the workplace.

It would overwhelm her.

In comparison, the work of the police may seem crude, but it was better to deal with these tough men than to work with the petty female white-collar workers.

Moreover, she was originally from Interpol.

This was her line of work.

Gu Jinglian suddenly took a step closer to her.

“Then let me ask you.

You told him just now that youre single.

How do you explain this”


Chu He did not expect him to ask such a question..

“Whats wrong Am I not single”


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