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Chapter 3445: A New Addition (61)

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Butler Fu walked in and saw Gu Jinglian holding a piece of paper, looking livid.

When he walked over and read what Baby Chu had written, he couldnt help but laugh.

“This fellow is too…” Before he could say the word “capable”, Gu Jinglian turned to glare at him.

Immediately, he fell silent.

The Old Masters gaze was too terrifying.

It almost killed him.

Gu Jinglian held up the piece of paper and interrogated Butler Fu, “When did he write this”

“Probably in the morning! I remember, Baby Chu scribbled something on the paper and even got you to sign on it.”

This triggered Gu Jinglians memory and he could vaguely recall now.

Early in the morning, there was indeed a loud voice yelling into his ear.

He was a light sleeper, having made it a habit to stay alert even when he was sleeping.

He would not sleep too soundly, unless he was particularly tired.

Furthermore, it was not as though he was guarded against Baby Chu, hence he was too focused on sleeping to hear what the little guy was shouting.

Now that he realized…

Gu Jinglian was speechless.

This little guy!

He gritted his teeth.

Butler Fu advised him kindly, “Old Master, why dont you fulfill Baby Chus wish! Marry Chu He, and this will solve one of the childs worries!”

Not to mention, it would solve Butler Fus worry as well! Butler Fu had always hoped that Gu Jinglian would get married so that the man would not be all alone.

The butler was old, and this was the only wish he had left in his life.

Gu Jinglian was nonchalant.

“You know that I dont intend to get married ever!”

“Old Master…” Butler Fu sighed.

“No matter what, even if you dont intend to get married and dont fall in love with any woman, marriage is just a load on your mind! The state you and Chu He are in is not very reliable! If marriage is just a formality for you, why dont you just go through with it, with Chu He From the looks of it, she doesnt have any strong philosophies about marriage either.

Why dont you… fulfill Baby Chus wish!”

Gu Jinglian remained stony faced when he heard this.

He turned around, furrowing his brows.

He had slept too late last night, and even after waking up, his head still hurt.

Butler Fu continued, “Old Master, why dont you seriously consider my suggestion Marriage is just a piece of paper.

Just take it that youre doing it for Baby Chu.

After all, the little guy never had a father since he was young.

Now that he finally has one, of course hed lack a sense of security and hopes that his parents will always be together! This shows how much the little guy cares about you!”

For some reason, Butler Fus words made Gu Jinglian feel rather good.

Baby Chu cared about him!

When he heard this, the corners of his lips turned upwards subconsciously.

It seemed to put him in a brighter mood.

That night, when Baby Chu came home, he immediately ran to Gu Jinglians study.

“Daddy! Im home!”

The moment Gu Jinglian picked up Baby Chu and sat the child on himself, the boy asked, “Daddy, can you woo Mommy and win her over within a month”

Gu Jinglian was speechless.

His lips twitched.

“Why should I go after her”

“You promised!” Baby Chu took out a piece of paper from his pocket.

It was folded.

He unfolded it and opened it up.

Gu Jinglian realized it was exactly the same as the “agreement” he saw in the morning.

The man was stunned.

This guy actually knew how to make a copy of the “agreement”!

“Why do you still have it”


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