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Chapter 29: The Life Experience of Yun Shishi

“I’m sorry, Youyou.

Today, Mommy  … … lost her job, so … …”

When Youyou heard this, his eyes got wide open to his surprised and look at her: “Why did Mommy do something wrong”

Yun Shishi shook her head, caressed his hair: “No…… Tomorrow Mommy will go find a new job, Mommy is so talented, surely I’ll be able to find a higher paying job! At that time, every day we can go to eat dumplings!”

“Um … …” Youyou avert his eyes on the side for a little while and then cleverly nodded.

Youyou’s two hands were holding a piece of paper that needed to be signed by the parents, he quickly hides it at the back of his pants pocket.

Taking advantage of Yun Shishi not paying attention to him for a while, He looked up, smiled and said, “Mommy, let’s go home!”

Yun Shishi apparently did not notice his little trick, so she doesn’t know what he hides.


Until a few days later.

After dinner, Youyou obediently clean up the table and move his small stool in the kitchen.

His small delicate hands touch the lukewarm water as he clumsily and seriously washes the dishes.

He grew up sharing some housework to help Yun Shishi.

He’s so obedient, unlike a common typical six-year-old boy.

Yun Shishi was rummaging through their old stuff to find her old phone.

And then, she inserted her phone card into it.

After turning it on, she finds Youyou’s class teacher few missed calls for a couple of days.

She called her back immediately, the class teacher answered her call and told her that the kindergarten department will go to the Safari Park for an outing and they had sent a letter to the parents to sign up, but Youyou haven’t given his application yet, so they decided to contact her if she will agree or not.

Yun Shishi got a little surprised, apparently, she didn’t know about this outing.

She quietly carried Youyou’s little bag and found a neatly stacked piece of paper, it turns out to be the application letter.

While still in a phone call, the class teacher’s tone seemed in cautious and afraid to say an inappropriate words: “With all due respect Ma’am, Youyou must be wanting to go to the spring outing together with his classmates, and the fees are not….

I’m not sure whether your family is having financial difficulties”

Yun Shishi hurriedly said: “No! I will pay the fees tomorrow!”

Yun Shishi’s face looks a bit complicated then hung up the call, staring at the application letter, then sign up on it.


Emperor Sheng Foundation.

Mu Wan Rou went into the president’s office, she got surprised not seeing Mu Yazhe inside, and his assistant Ai Lun is stacking thick files on his table.

Mu Wan Rou immediately bows her head and smiled.

“Madame President”

“Well.” Mu Wan Rou softly said, she looked around the office a bit more, then turn to looked at him and said, “Zhe… is”

He respectfully replied: “Oh, the president is not in the company.”

“Where did he go”

“This afternoon, The Mu and Ya Yuan Group have an investment project to discuss, and about when the president will return I also do not know.”

“… …” Mu Wan Rou softly nodded her head, her eyes immediately got stuck in the thick files on the table and went over, she took it up and ask, “What is this”

Ai Lun got stunned and hesitated for a moment, then replied: “This is… yesterday, the president ordered me to investigate this information.”

“Information Can I look at it” Mu Wan Rou tentatively asked.

Ai Lun did not answer, so Mu Wan Rou ignored him, she is the president’s wife now, the Mu Family’s Madame, her husband’s things are her things too, right So she carefully took it out.


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