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Chapter 3441: A New Addition (57)

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There were so many men, yet this woman managed to settle them all by herself!

The police officers looked on in disbelief.

Chu He sweapt her gaze around and saw a few colleagues behind her looking as though they had just seen a ghost.

She frowned.

“What are you waiting for!”

Only after she spoke did everyone start to react.


“Where are the handcuffs” Chu He said angrily, “Hurry up and handcuff him!”

“Oh… oh oh!”

One of the men looked as if he had only just realized what had happened.

He immediately took out the handcuffs and secured the offenders.

When Chu He finally called the captain to report, the other side was on the edge, waiting for news at the police station!

After all, the target of this operation was a shady organization in the city that had quite a powerful background.

They specialized in drugs dealing, and even had a group of sex workers under them.

The anti-vice department had been eyeing them for a long time and had been waiting for an opportunity to take action.

Only, in the course of this exercise, the captain had been worried that some of their colleagues would be injured.

He was especially worried about Chu He.

As a woman, although she was skilled, but…

Just as the captain was thinking about it, his phone rang.

He was taken aback.

It hadnt been long since the troops were deployed.

Could it be… something bad had happened

He picked up the phone nervously.

It was Chu He.

“Captain, were packing up.”

“Packing up!”

The captain frowned.

“They got away”

“Theyre on the way back to the police station, weve got them and are bringing them back with us for interrogation.”

The captain gaped in astonishment, looking as if he had seen a ghost.

So fast! That was way too fast!

He couldnt believe it.

However, when Chu He and a few police officers escorted the 15 suspects back to the police station, the captain finally believed them!

Initially, the few veteran police officers in the anti-vice team looked down on Chu He.

Only because she was a woman but yet was accepted into the anti-vice team.

Everyone felt indignant.

However, after this incident, after they saw with their own eyes how she had subdued 15 suspects within a few minutes, and her outstanding skills, they were simply shocked! And now, all of them were thoroughly convinced! Indeed, one can not judge a book by its cover.

Just by looking at her appearance, it was hard to imagine that Chu Hes frail-looking body held such a huge amount of energy!

How did she do it!

This womans background was not simple!

One of the police officers could not get over the frightening scene at the club.

He walked to the captains side and asked in surprise, “Captain, this newcomer… Is she really a woman”

Her skills, courage, and calmness in the face of danger made these men feel ashamed!

The captain frowned and asked, “What happened back there”

“Back there, back there…”

Before he could finish, Chu He walked out of the interrogation room and approached the captain.

“The mission is over.

Can I go home and rest now”

The captain immediately snapped back to his senses and nodded.

He smiled and said, “Thank you! Chu He, how about I send you home”

“Thats not necessary, Ill just take a taxi!”

“I have a car, why do you need to take a taxi I can just send you home.

Youve worked hard today too.

Im worried about you going home alone at night.”

“Whats there to worry about” Chu He raised her eyebrows and said with a smile, “Whats there to be worried about Is Captain worried that Ill be attacked by criminals in the dark”


The captain was speechless.

This… was indeed nothing to worry about.

The captain finally said, “Well then, giva me a call when you get home!”


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