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Chapter 3440: A New Addition (56)

Why on earth did this stupid woman alert the enemy! However, they had no time to lament.

They immediately drew their pistols out from their holsters and rushed in!

“Dont move!”

“Raise your hands and squat on the ground!”

“Hurry up!”

“Ahhhhhh…” Screams rang out.

There was a strange fragrance and a strong smell of alcohol in the air.

There were a number of wine bottles lying on the floor, among scattered red bank notes.

Chu He frowned, but she heard cold laughter coming from a man in the room who had his arms around two women, one on each side of him.

“Who are you guys Damn it! Youre spoiling my fun!”

Clearly, the atmosphere was heated right now.

Chu He barging in had ruined their mood.

Even a fool would be able to tell that these people who were dressed in ordinary clothes and holding guns were definitely plainclothes policemen.

However, these people did not appear to be afraid.

A few burly men slammed their guns on the table and snorted with cigarettes in their mouths.

“All of you are new police officers, right Do you know who our boss is Its not your place to be presumptuous!”

“Dont fault us for being rude, now that youve ruined our bosss good mood!”

The few police officers looked at each other.

Just when they felt at a loss as to how they should get out of this situation, Chu He suddenly curled her lips.

With a flick of her toes she tossed up a wine bottle from the ground and caught it with her hand.

With the wine bottle she rushed at a man who was about to load his gun.

Chu He took aim and smashed the bottle on his wrist.

The bottle shattered and the man cried out in surprise.

His wrist jerked and the gun fell to the ground!

The man cursed and immediately bent over to pick it up.

However, Chu He reacted quickly.

She kicked against the stairs and sprang into the air, delivering a handsome flying kick to his nose.

“Ooooooh…” The man grunted and flew a few meters through the air on the impact of this force!

Everyone was stunned.

Chu Hes flying kick was too cool! It was hard to imagine that someone who looked this frail was actually so strong and skilled! The man was so tall and sturdy, yet she had sent him flying!

While everyone was in a daze, Chu He grabbed the pistol and loaded it in less than half a second.

She scanned the room and shouted, “Put your hands behind your head and squat on the ground.

Dont move!”

A middle-aged man, seemingly the boss, who was protectively flanked by the gang slammed the table and stood up angrily.

He pointed at her nose and scolded, “Who the f*ck do you think you are How dare you behave atrociously in my territory! Are you showing off to me!”

Chu He did not have the patience to listen to his nonsense.

She turned around and flipped herself onto the platform, at the same time grabbing a wine bottle, and smashing this into his face.

“Bam!” The next second, there was the sound of the wine bottle shattering! The bottle exploded on the mans face and his nose bridge broke!

Everyone was even more dumbfounded!

“F*ck, you b*tch, how dare you hit me!” The man covered his bloody nose and pointed at Chu He, shouting, “Attack!”

A group of men rushed towards Chu He.




Clang! Clang!

Two minutes later, the police officers found themselves looking in shock at the man who, just a moment ago was sitting on the sofa, but was now rolling around on the floor in agony!

There were so many men, yet this woman managed to settle them all by herself!


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