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Chapter 3438: A New Addition (54)

There were thirty children in the class all up.

In the past two weeks, Baby Chu had given out seventeen cards!

“Well then, Ill cheer you on! Try to invite all the children in class to your birthday party!”

Baby Chu nodded excitedly.

That night, Chu He accompanied Baby Chu as he completed two more invitation cards.

Just as she was coaxing him to sleep, her phone suddenly rang.

She picked up the call.

It was from the anti-vice team leader.

“Hello Captain.”

“Chu He, where are you now”

“Im at home.”

“Go immediately to the KTV on Huaihai Road.

According to the public, there are offenders taking and selling drugs.

Head to the scene now to carry out the arrest mission!”

Chu He frowned upon hearing this and immediately hung up the call.

She changed into her casual clothes and prepared to leave the house.

Butler Fu was about to retire for the night when he saw her walking out of the room fully dressed and looking like she was in a hurry.

This puzzled him of course.

“Chu He, where are you going” he quickly caught up with her and asked.

“Mission execution!”

As time was tight, Chu He left quickly after saying this.

Mission execution!

This caused Butler Fu to be confused and worried…

By the time Chu He arrived in a taxi there, several colleagues in casual clothes were already gathered at the entrance of Niland KTV.

When they saw Chu He, the group of people looked extremely surprised.

“Why did Boss send for this newcomer”

“Didnt he say hed send us a few more men What… dont tell me that he actually meant this skinny rookie”

“What can a woman do Is Captain crazy Doesnt he know how dangerous this mission is!”

Chu He frowned.

“Captain didnt inform you”


“Isnt he just messing around”

“Even so he cant be so perfunctory! Whats the point of sending a woman These guys have guns!”


This was true.

In fact, if these offenders were just selling drugs, there wouldnt be a need to involve the anti-vice team, because the police station had an established special crackdown team.

However, this mission was not just about drug dealing.

Many of the people involved were from the underworld, so they needed to mobilize the anti-vice team.

Naturally, these offenders might be carrying guns and ammunition.

Hence, it could be said to be a rather dangerous mission!

Given this, all the colleagues were filled with resentment towards the Captain for sending Chu He on this mission.

“When will the arrest be carried out” Chu He asked.

Suddenly, sniggers could be heard among the group.

“Ha! Women.

They always have more beauty than brains!”

Chu He looked in the direction of the voice and noted a tall officer with a buzz cut.

He sneered and continued, “Do you think this is a game of adventure Do you think you can arrest them just because you want to What if they have guns on them Do you think you should even make a move without knowing this Youd be shot before you even know it!”

These words were indeed a little overboard.

Even the other colleagues found it too much.

“Dont go too far!” Chu He curled her lips in disdain.

“Do you even need to consider this Regardless of whether they have guns or not, youd just assume that they have guns!”

“You make it sound so easy!”

One of the police officers was unconvinced..

“Do you think this is a training ground where you can behave like an intern who will be given chances You really dont know that if a bullet goes through your head, your life will be over!”


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