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Chapter 3437: A New Addition (53)

It had to be said, Baby Chu was a very creative child.

None of the invitation cards was monotonous nor rigid.

For example, Shenger had once said that she wanted to live in a dreamy castle with a huge backyard filled with flowers.

Thus, on the invitation card, he drew a castle and flowers, and even meticulously drew a crown on her head.

Shenger loved it so much that the children in her class could not be more envious.

And when these two childrens greeting cards were brought to class, they were extremely excited!

“Wow! Baby Chu has drawn me to be so handsome!”

This little kid especially liked soccer, and he played it very well.

Baby Chu drew a picture of him in a jersey, and it was very impressive!

The other girl liked reading Balala the Fairies, so Baby Chu depicted her as a fairy.

When the girl saw the invitation card, it became like her new treasure!

From this, one could tell that Baby Chu was actually a very meticulous child.

He was able to make observations of the strengths of every child or what they liked.

This created an uproar in the Sunflower Class!

Because Baby Chu could only create two invitations every night before it was bedtime, after three days, only five children in the class had received the invitation card.

The other children were extremely envious, but they could only hope that they would also eventually receive their very own birthday invitation card!

For a moment, they forgot that Baby Chu was the number one “dangerous person” that all the parents were talking about.

However, because they were reserved, they were a little embarrassed to ask the boy if he would draw them an invitation card, so they could only look forward to it.

Some of the children would even go to class early and look in their desk drawers nervously.

If they got an invitation card, they would show it off to the others.

Those who had not received it would look disappointed.

There were even some who would be depressed and listless the entire day! To them, this was not just a birthday invitation.

Because of the invitation card, Baby Chus relationship with the other children in the class also began to normalize!

Perhaps Baby Chu did not realize that the relationships between him and the other children had been restored.

As soon as Baby Chu arrived in class, all the children watched his every move.

Their eyes were filled with yearning and curiosity as they stared at what was in his hands.

Their gazes followed him to see who his new invitation cards were for.

Those who did not receive it were naturally disappointed.

The children who received a card would bring it home and tell their parents about it.

Most parents were reasonable.

Seeing that Baby Chus family was so thoughtful and that he had even drawn on each greeting card personally, they changed their opinions about the boy.

Almost all the children who received the invitation card had been allowed by their parents to attend Baby Chus birthday party!

However, Chu He was sharp and noticed once, when she had gone to pick Baby Chu up after work, she saw many children surrounding Baby Chu excitedly and asking him questions.

“Baby Chu, who are you going to draw today”

“Draw me, draw me! Baby Chu, Ill definitely attend your birthday party and prepare a super awesome gift for you! So, can I have an invitation card drawn by you”

On the way back, Chu He asked Baby Chu, “How many more invitation cards do you need to draw”

Baby Chu took out a book from his bag.

In it was a list of names..

He counted and told his mother, “Thirteen more!”


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