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Chapter 3431: A New Addition (47)


One was given to vice, the other was anti-vice.

It was simply…


Noticing Butler Fus strange expression, Chu He asked, “Is there a problem”

“Are you sure you want to take up this job” Butler Fu hinted, “Master will be very angry for sure when he finds out!”

“What right does he have to be angry” Chu He said unhappily, “Do I need to consult him on the sort of job I should take up”

“Cough cough cough…” Butler Fu cleared his throat and remarked, “Baby Chu must be the most special child around.”

“Why do you say that”

“Daddy is given to vice, but Mommy is anti-vice.

This…” Butler Fu looked awkward.


At night, Gu Jinglian returned from the office.

Just as he was heading upstairs, Butler Fu saw him and immediately went up to him.

“Old Master…”

Gu Jinglian noticed Butler Fus hesitant expression and raised his eyebrows, thinking that something had happened with Baby Chu again.

“What is it”

“Its like this…” Butler Fu cleared his throat, preparing himself to talk about this.

“Chu He found a job.”

Gu Jinglian was slightly surprised.

“Why is she looking for a job”

“She says she needs to earn her own living.” Butler Fu answered truthfully.

During this period, Chu He had been idling at home without any income, so that she could recuperate.

All her expenses had been covered by the Gu family.

Sometimes, when Chu He picked up Baby Chu from school, the boy would tell her about toys that he wanted and he would ask her to buy them for him.

However, she did not have any money on her.

Most of the time, she had no choice but to tell Butler Fu, so that he could buy the toys and bring them back.

It was not that Butler Fu did not want to give her the money for it, but rather, she felt that it was too shameful to be taking someone elses money.

Chu He had a strong personality and never liked being dependent on others.

Hence, after her health saw some improvement, she started applying for jobs.

In fact, the police did not have a special anti-vice position.

However, it was common for a police station to set up an anti-vice department.

Hence, there would be police officers assigned to this anti-vice department.

The police officers of the anti-vice department were different from ordinary police officers.

This department had stricter requirements for their officers.

Other than skills and mobility, all other qualities had to be assessed as well.

However, the salary was not much higher.

In addition, it was a rather dangerous job.

They operated in the line of fire, and if things should go wrong, they would suffer injuries if they were lucky, but losing ones life was common.

Therefore, most of the recruits were either retired soldiers or officers sent in from the special forces.

For these reasons, the position was not very attractive and it was difficult to recruit suitable people.

After all, the mindsets of young people nowadays were different from before.

Their lives were more important than anything else.

As an outstanding police officer of Interpol, Chu He was naturally qualified to take on this job.

Gu Jinglian appeared indifferent and asked casually, “What sort of job”

Butler Fu said cautiously, “Police officer…”

Startled, Gu Jinglian turned around and looked at him in surprise.



according to her, anti-vice police…” Gu Jinglian was speechless.

How dare she.

“Who is she trying to antagonize”

Butler Fu fell speechless.

Gu Jinglian said unhappily, “Why is she taking up this job for no apparent reason”

“Because she has no income—” When Gu Jinglian heard this, he closed his eyes and said in a deep voice, “Did I not instruct you to give her a sum of money every month”


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