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Chapter 3430: A New Addition (46)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“No!” Baby Chu started crying again.

“I dont want to drop out! Ill just go to school tomorrow.”

“Good boy.” Gu Jinglian patted his head.

Standing by the side, Chu He and Butler Fu watched dumbfounded.

No matter how they had tried to coax him, Baby Chu refused to get out from under the blanket.

However, with Gu Jinglians arrival, everything was now settled.

Baby Chu looked at Gu Jinglian pitifully like a helpless puppy.

He stammered, “But what if the children dont like me”

“Why dont they like you”

“Because…” Baby Chu sniffled and said, “Because they think Im not easy to get along with.”

Gu Jinglian asked, “Then do you think youre easy to get along with”

“Of course!” The boy said seriously, “Baby Chu is so adorable and obedient.

Teacher Xue said that Baby Chu is very likable!”

Gu Jinglian replied, “Then let them know that youre a kid worth hanging out with.”

Baby Chu seemed to have been enlightened upon hearing these words.

It was as if he suddenly realized that he might be able to change the prejudice that the other children had against him, through his own efforts! Gu Jinglians words seemed to have inspired him!

When this thought came to him, he nodded and said, “Yes! Baby Chu understands now!”

Gu Jinglian stood up and turned around, only to see Butler Fu staring at him with an idolizing expression.

“Old Master, I didnt expect you to have such methods with children!”

Was this considered a sort of playing hard to get

Gu Jinglian casually straightened his sleeves, and said with a stony expression, “The child is delicate, theres no need to spoil him.”

Butler Fu fell speechless.

Chu Hes lips twitched.

Although Gu Jinglians method seemed unreasonable, she was aware that sometimes, Baby Chu really needed this.

The child was too delicate, and Baby Chu did not find her threatening in any way.

So, the child got away with everything because he felt that Chu He would definitely spoil him.

But Gu Jinglian was different.

Whatever he had just said was right.

Coming and going as he wished was purely being wilful.

He had learned to deal with his own problems.

This was a process of growing up.

He was his father, but he would not indulge him.

This was his principle.

He was unexpectedly good at educating children.

He did not indulge and tolerate Baby Chu unnecessarily just because he was his son.

After Gu Jinglian was done with settling Baby Chus matter, he returned to the office.

He had been rather busy recently, and sometimes, he came home very late.

After Gu Jinglian left, Baby Chu got out of bed and played with his toys in the room.

Chu He sought Butler Fu out as she had something to discuss with him.

“I applied for a job previously and now the HR department of the company has informed me to start work.”

Butler Fu was surprised to hear this.

“You got a job”

“Uh huh, Ive recovered somewhat now, I have to start working at some point.”

She had to thank Butler Fu for handling all of her identification documents.

She didnt think she could stay in the Gu family residence forever and have no work of her own.

She could not stay idle and did not like to depend on anyone else for a living.

Uncle Fu hesitated for a moment before asking, “What job is this”

“Anti-vice cop.”


Damn it…

Butler Fu was confused.

There was no need for him to elaborate on Gu Jinglians identity..

Chu He, on the other hand, had now found a job as a police officer.


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