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Chapter 3425: A New Addition (41)

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Baby Chu sat alone at his desk, looking depressed, as if he had been alienated by other children.

Chu He was taken aback.

She went up to him and helped him pack his bag, but the boy merely looked up at her with an aggrieved expression.


“Mommy…” Halfway through his sentence, his face darkened and he looked like he was going to break down in tears .

Chu He immediately squatted down and drew him into her arms, asking curiously, “Whats wrong Who bullied you”

“No one bullied me.” Baby Chu pouted.

“Id rather someone bully me!” He felt disappointed that no one even bothered to bully him! It was not that he was masochistic, but the feeling of being alienated was awfully lonely.

“Mommy, what did I do wrong Why did all the children avoid me”

Chu He was also puzzled as well.

The other day at the parent-teacher meeting, she even saw many children surrounding him.

Baby Chu was, in a nutshell, very popular.


Why did everything change after just one weekend

The boy fiddled with his fingers and said, “Did Baby Chu do something wrong”

“How could that be” Chu He picked him up and comforted him gently, “Baby Chu is so obedient and you havent been naughty.

How could everyone not like Baby Chu He”

The child leaned his head against his mothers shoulder and pouted in silence.

Chu He helplessly sighed as she hugged him with one hand and held his school bag with the other.

As she walked out of the classroom, she noticed a group of parents staring at her with horrified expressions on their faces!


Isnt that too impressive!

She was carrying the child with one hand and his school bag with the other.

But she did not look like he was struggling at all.

It was as if he was carrying a ball of cotton!

This woman was rather strong

They would never have thought that Chu He was from the Interpol, or even before that, she was a mercenary and had received high-intensity training.

Even though she appeared thin, and was not bulky with muscles under those sleeves, she did not carry excess fats.

All of her muscles were well-developed.

Hence carrying Baby Chu with one hand was a piece of cake.

Once they were back at the Gu residence, Baby Chu went back to his room and locked himself in.

He stayed in the room alone, unhappily playing with his wooden blocks.

This was a set of blocks that Butler Fu had bought for him.


When Butler Fu saw Baby Chu in seemingly low spirits on coming home, he found it strange.

He asked Chu He, “Whats wrong with Baby Chu He appeared to be in high spirits when he went to school this morning!”

“I dont know what happened either.”

“Could it be that… he was bullied by other children”

“How could that be” Chu He added, “But it seemed that the children were keeping a distance from him rather.”

“Keeping a distance”


Butler Fu started to worry as well.

Initially, he thought that this matter would blow over quickly, but unexpectedly, the situation intensified.

The first day was fine, but the next day, the kids in class didnt even look at him.


Other than the teachers, none of the other children dared to speak to him.

Although Shenger treated him as she usually would, sometimes other children would run to her to secretly badmouth him.

“Dont talk to Baby Chu!”

Suddenly, Baby Chu was like taboo and no one could even mention him! Baby Chu became depressed! How could this be Had he become some kind of plague! Why were they avoiding him!

How infuriating!

In a fit of anger, Baby Chu refused to do any learning.


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