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Chapter 3424: A New Addition (40)

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“Did you know that Nuohan has transferred to another school”

Shenger informed the boy.

Baby Chu was surprised to hear this.

Even though he hated Nuohan, he was still surprised that the little fatty transferred schools so suddenly.

“What happened”

“I heard that he was made to transfer school because he angered your father! I heard this from my mother!”

Baby Chu was stunned.

He recalled the incident in the parking lot.

Indeed, Nuohans family was unreasonable.

They even snatched his toy.

He could tell that his father was very angry.

However, he couldnt have transferred over such a small matter, right

Of course, Baby Chu did not know that Gu Jinglian had sent people to smash up Li Xianlais car.

Hence, he thought that Nuohans family was making a mountain out of a molehill.

Shenger could not be bothered to dwell on it.

She said to Baby Chu, “Oh well, I dont care! No matter what, we will always be good friends, right”

“Of course! Shenger will always be my good friend!” Baby Chu held her hand, and the two little children looked at each other and smiled.

Hand-in-hand, the two of them returned to the classroom.

On entering the room, they noticed the other children looking at them in awe and fear!

“Why would Shenger still dare to hold hands with Baby Chu”

“Shenger is so pitiful!”

“Could it be that she likes Baby Chu”

“No way…”

As Baby Chu walked back to his seat, he could feel countless pairs of eyes staring at his back like needles.

This feeling was very strange.

He suddenly realized that he had become an anomaly and was being ostracized.

Baby Chu turned around with some grievance, only to see the children shrinking back, looking terrified of him.

Did it have to come to this

During lunch, besides Shenger, all the other children sat far away from Baby Chu.

When it was time for afternoon nap, Teacher Xue transferred his nap partner to another bed.

For the entire afternoon, Baby Chu did not sleep.

He sat up and looked at the other beds.

The other children had their napping partners, but he seemed to have been abandoned by the world.

How could things have turned out this way

How did he inexplicably become an anomaly

Why did so many children suddenly distance themselves from him!

He didnt do anything wrong, nor did he bully anyone.

Why were the children ostracizing him

During the afternoon activity class, Baby Chu stood alone in the gymnasium.

He looked at the other children who were having fun and felt so wronged that he was on the verge of tears.

Just as Shenger was about to walk over to him, a child stopped her, “Shenger, stop playing with Gu Chengze!”


“Because if you upset Baby Chu in any way, his father will get very angry! If he were to get angry, maybe…”

The little kid then leaned over and whispered into her ear.

Shengers expression became rather complicated.

She stood there hesitating, and was subsequently pulled away by the other children.

With every step she took, she would turn back to look at Baby Chu, reluctant to part with him.

“Shenger…” When Baby Chu saw that even Shenger didnt want to play with him, his eyes reddened, but he held back his tears.

That night, when Chu He came to pick him up from school, she saw him sitting in the classroom, motionless and gloomy.

All the children were packing their bags, except for him.

He was staring blankly at the empty table with a worried expression.

Chu He found this rather strange and walked into the classroom.

Then, she noticed that all the children were walking around Baby Chu, deliberately avoiding him..


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