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Chapter 3423: A New Addition (39)


Baby Chu went to the kindergarten class as usual, but when he skipped into the classroom carrying his school bag, he felt that the atmosphere in the class was different.

Many of the other children avoided him.

As soon as Baby Chu sat down at his desk, Shenger turned around with a nervous expression and called out to him tentatively.

“Baby Chu…”

“Hey! Shenger, good morning!” Baby Chu smiled brightly and greeted her as usual.

Seeing Baby Chus gentle smile, Shenger warmed up immediately.

Only then did she dispel her doubts and her expression regained the usual closeness and familiarity.


Baby Chu looked around and saw that the other children were all staring at him.

However, when he looked over, they immediately turned their heads away in fear, not daring to look at him.

Even the child who usually bullied him the most was very cautious around him.

“How strange!” Baby Chu muttered, “Everyone is so weird today! Why are they all sneaking looks at me”

“Baby Chu…” Shenger looked around hesitantly and suddenly stood up.

She immediately held his hand and pulled him out of the classroom.

The moment they left, a commotion erupted in the classroom.

“Wow! Shenger is so bold!”

“How could she be so gutsy”

“Shenger is so impressive…”

Only when they were far from the classroom did Shenger let go of Baby Chus hand.

“Shenger, whats going on” Baby Chu scratched his head curiously.

“Why cant we talk in the classroom”

Before Shenger could say anything, Baby Chus eyes lit up and he immediately ventured, “Ah, I know, there must be some secret, right” As he said that, he grinned and whispered into her ear, “Shenger must only want to tell Baby Chu, right”

Lingsheng was exasperated.

She said, “Baby Chu, dont you feel that something is wrong today”

After she mentioned it, Baby Chu also realized it.

“Thats right, somethings very wrong! Whats wrong with them They keep staring at me.”

“I dont know either, but my mother told me to keep my distance from you and not play with you.”

When Baby Chu heard this, his eyes widened in shock.


“Because my mother said that your father is very fierce!”

As she spoke, the little girl revealed a terrified expression.

Baby Chu did not object to the statement she made.

“Well, hes a little…”

When Shenger heard this, her heart ached even more.

“Is your father very fierce towards you”

“Its not that bad.

Its just that sometimes… well, hes kind of fierce.”

Baby Chu immediately added, “But its alright!”

But how did Shengers mother know that his father was a fierce man Baby Chu rubbed his chin, not quite able to figure it out.

“My mom also said that if we upset you, our family will be in trouble! So she asked me to stay away from you!” Shenger continued nervously, “Baby Chu, I really like playing with you, but my mother wont let me, but I still want to play with you! You… if I do something wrong, dont be angry with me, okay”

She looked pitiful and cautious.

It pained Baby Chu to see her this way.

He tugged at her hand, pouting, and said, “I like playing with Shenger too! Shenger, dont believe your mother! My father is not that bad!”

“I dont know either.

I think your father is pretty nice too.

Hes handsome and good at playing games.”

From a childs point of view, people who excelled at games were all gods..


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