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Chapter 3406: A New Addition (22)

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The little fatty nodded, waiting for his father to avenge him!

Li Xianlai walked up to Gu Jinglian and smiled as he greeted, “Youre Gu Chengzes father, right”

Gu Jinglian lifted his gaze and gave the man a frosty glance.

Then with an icy half-smile he asked, “Whats the matter”

“Its nothing really! I just want to meet the rumoredcompetitor!” Li Xianlai continued like he was making small talk, “Children are insensible.

They actually compete over such childish things.

Do you know what the two little fellows are fighting over My son tells me that Baby Chu says youre the most handsome father in the world.

It made me a little curious! However, having seen you in person now, I have to say, you live up to your reputation!”

Gu Jinglian was indifferent to his remark, at best.

He was a man of few words to begin with, so he did not respond to Li Xianlais greetings and only smiled coldly.

He was clearly being dismissive.

Given this, Li Xianlai was extremely embarrassed, however, there was no way of backing down!

He looked displeased.

Normally, at work, his subordinates would only compliment him.

There was never a need for him to have to put up with anyone!

Li Xianlai had wanted to deliberately find trouble with Gu Jinglian not only for his sons face, but also for his own.

He said, “I dont think youve mentioned it before.

What do you do”

Gu Jinglian said with indifference, “This is not something for you to know.”

“…” Li Xianlai suddenly felt like he had come up against the brick wall again.

Gu Jinglians tone was rather flat.

Although he spoke only a few words, his arrogance was unmistakable.

Li Xianlai was extremely embarrassed.

He snorted and said, “I didnt expect you to be so arrogant.

It looks like youve held a powerful position for a long time, given your haughty tone In my opinion, theres no shortage of big shots here! Most of those who can send their children to this kindergarten have a net worth of millions! So regardless of your background, theres no need to be so arrogant, right!”

And now the man had put his foot in his mouth.

Gu Jinglian was already agitated from the ridiculous game they had to play earlier on.

He said in a frosty tone, “Do I give two hoots about what attitude or posture you think I should adopt”

When Baby Chu saw where things were heading, he started to worry about Gu Jinglian making things difficult for Li Xianlai.

He immediately tried to smooth things over by saying, “Daddy, dont be angry! Dont lower yourself to the same level as this person! Lets return to the classroom!” With that, he pulled Gu Jinglians hand and led the man back into the classroom.

Li Xianlai was hopping mad.

Gu Jinglians flamboyant and arrogant attitude had thoroughly angered him! If not for the fact that they were in school, he might have lost his temper! “Motherf*cker, what the hell is this! What is this arrogance!”

Li Xianlai planned to teach this guy a good lesson!

The parent-teacher meeting in kindergarten was not completely boring.

The school mainly focused on the interaction between the parents and children.

Therefore, in the afternoon, under the lead of the form teacher, a group of parents and their children were brought to the gymnasium.

Teacher Xue said that they were going to play a new game.

Three People, Four Legs!

The “Three People, Four Legs” game was a straightforward game with rather simple rules.

The parents and their child would form a team.

Each team member would have one leg bound to a leg of each of the other two team members.

Their legs would be tied above the ankle joint and the calf, near the knee.

Then, they would stand up and start running at the same time.

The first team to reach the finish line would be the winner.

When Chu He was working at the police station previously, she had played a similar game.


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