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Chapter 3392: A New Addition (8)

In the study room.

Gu Jinglian was holding a brush in his hand, practicing calligraphy.

Usually, in his free time, having no other hobbies, he would practice calligraphy or drawing.

Just as he was focusing, the door was suddenly pushed open.

A nervous voice floated in.


The corners of the mans brows twitched and he jumped.

The brush in his hand suddenly went off course, leaving a long single stroke across the page.

“Uncle, are you there Can I come in” Baby Chus voice was obsequious, sweet, and coquettish.

However, this act of coquettishness proved to be too much for the man to bear.

Gu Jinglian looked up with an ashen face, only to see Baby Chu at the doorway, his body leaning against the side of the door.

The boy blinked as if he was flirting with him.

Was the boy… fawning over him However, he wouldnt be doing this for no reason

“Whats the matter”

“I have something to tell you…”

Gu Jinglian raised his guard and snorted.

“Come in!”

He removed the failed piece of work and laid out another sheet of rice paper.

Then he picked up the wolf hair brush, dipped it in the ink, and raised the brush again.

Just as he finished a stroke, he saw from the corner of his eye that the boy, having received approval to approach, walked in like a shy lady.

He used his sleeve to cover half of his face and shyly made his way in.

The corners of Gu Jinglians eyes twitched fiercely.

He put down the brush and calmly sized the boy up.

He had a feeling that something was up with this fellow today.

Baby Chu ran up to him and bowed.

To think that he learned that bit of etiquette.

“Greetings, Uncle!”

Gu Jinglian snorted.


Baby Chu got up.

His clear eyes were glistening as he blinked and winked at the man.

“Uncle, I have something to discuss with you!”

Gu Jinglian narrowed his eyes.

Why did this fellow suddenly speak in such a genteel manner Had he been watching period dramas these days


“This is what happened!” Baby Chu cleared his throat and continued, “Yesterday, the teacher gave us homework to complete with the help of our parents.”

“Isnt the greeting card assignment completed”

Baby Chu complained bitterly, “But that greeting card was made by Butler Fu, not you!”

Gu Jinglians expression turned cold.

Baby Chu continued aggrievedly, “The other kids in class had their cards made by their daddies and mommies!”



Baby Chu blinked and said cutely, “But if you have any guilt towards me, its okay.

Theres still a chance to compensate!”


What the hell!

He had spent all night making his greeting card and now the boy wanted compensation

“Compensation for what”

“Its like this…” Baby Chu rested his chin on the table, his two little paws resting on the table edge.

He continued with a smile, as though there was room to negotiate,” Soon, the kindergarten will hold a parent-teacher meeting! ”

“This matter” Gu Jinglian said calmly, “Well get Butler Fu to accompany you.”

“Why” Baby Chu almost yelled, “No! No! Why would you ask Butler Fu to go with me”

Gu Jinglian raised his eyebrows.

“Why Are you thinking that I should accompany you”

“Yes!” Baby Chu nodded vigorously.


Gu Jinglian replied, “I have no time.”

“Youre lying!” Baby Chu felt extremely wronged.

“You have so much time every day.

Why cant you go to the parent-teacher meeting”

Gu Jinglian said coldly, “Its boring.”


An arrow pierced his heart.



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