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Chapter 271: Proud little guy

March 29, 2018Ai Hrist


I didn’t know either.

I didn’t know that my father still exists.”

Yun Tianyou deeply added: “At first, when I saw you in a magazine.

To tell you the truth, I felt excited, wronged and regretful.”

Yun Tianyou paused a bit and looked up.

Then suddenly, his lips curve into a smile: “I felt excited because, originally, the father who created me is amazing ah.

I felt wronged because, where are you all these years I felt regretful because, even if you are amazing, I will not entrust my mommy to you!”

Mu Yazhe’s eyebrows frown.

The little guy’s words made his heart felt tight and suffocated.

He didn’t feel distressed, but rather, extremely distressed.

He felt like a heavy rock was pressing his heart and he couldn’t breathe.

At first, he was somewhat surprised to this little guy.

But, he made him felt surprised more and more with his intelligence.

He and Little Yichen are twins.

But, unlike Little Yichen, this child is somewhat matured and composed.

His maturity is not normal in his age.

At the age of six, children are still innocent about life.

They’re more likely enjoying the life by means of playing.

However, this little guy is carrying the burden he shouldn’t be carrying.

This maturity is more like a pledge.

Since birth, Little Yichen received his great love.

Grandfather Mu Sheng also shows his great love to him.

He always pampered him. 

Even if Little Yichen is not close to Mu Wanrou, Mu Wanrou takes good care of him.

Although she is not his biological mother, Mu Wanrou fulfills her responsibility to him as a mother. 

However, Yun Tianyou is not the same.

When he was born, he was not breathing.

All he shows is signs of weaknesses.

He can’t keep his life.

With a seemingly innate instinct for survival, he made a weak cry and come back to this world. However, since birth, he didn’t have the same health and liveliness of Little Yichen.

At the age of two, he almost tasted physical torture and pain.

With this, Yun Tianyou understood that his body is not as healthy as the other children.

He also found out that his life is not the same as them.

Whenever he returned home, he always faced the criticism and indifference of Yun Liqin and Yun Na.

Not long after, he already gets accustomed to their unbearable humiliations.

Because he has no father, he was always bullied and insulted.

But, he never talks about it with Yun Shishi.

With this, he becomes mature.

Yun Tianyou firmly squeezed his fists, but soon enough, he relaxed and recovered his usual coldness: “When I was born, I only have my mommy.

And since I don’t have a daddy at that time, I will never accept one today or even in the future!”

Mu Yazhe asked: “Why”

Yun Tianyou bites his lips and coldly said: “Because I don’t need one!”

When his voice fell, there was a long silence.

Until Mu Yazhe opens his mouth again: “But, I like you so much.”

Yun Tianyou got stiff and had goosebumps.

Mu Yazhe asked softly: “Don’t you like me”

Mu Yazhe carefully tests the little guy’s heart.

Yun Tianyou suddenly took a breath, as his pupil contracted.

I like you so much… …

Those five words seem to have an irresistible magical power.

In a flash, his uneasiness vanished and his face becomes calm.

His face also flushed in shyness.

However, when he recovered his mind, he turned his head and shouted: “I don’t need you to like me.

I only like my mommy!”


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