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Chapter 3384: Nirvana (25)

“Master, the sea breeze is a little strong.

Be careful about catching a cold.”

The child did not respond.

After Lisa draped the garment over him, he raised his hand and slightly tightened his collar, but he was still staring out at the sea silently.

A while ago, Gong Shaoying had arranged for him to recuperate on this private island.

The weather was warm throughout the four seasons by the sea, and it was very beneficial for nurturing his health.

On one hand, it was to avoid being seen by others.

Gong Jie visited the headquarters frequently, hence if he were to stay in the Gong family residence, he would eventually come to hear of it.

On the other hand, this was mainly to nourish his body.

Alice had advised that he needed a relatively quiet environment to recuperate.

Hence Gong Shaoying thought of this and arranged for Lisa to be by the boys side, to protect him around the clock.

Lisa was informed that she had a new master, and was surprised when she first met him.

It was him!

Even though his name had changed and was no longer “Youyou” but “Gong Fan”, his personality seemed to have changed drastically!

He liked to come and stand by the sea and look at the scenery when he woke up.

No matter what she said, he would never agree with her.

When he was Youyou, although he would sometimes show a maturity that did not match his age, most of the time, he was just an innocent and naive child.

But now that he was Gong Fan, he had become impossible to read.

He did not speak much.

In the span of a day, he would not speak more than ten sentences.

His words were few and concise.

However, after interacting with him for a period of time, they had developed some chemistry.

Sometimes, he would only give her a glance and she was able to understand what he meant.

He would say something only once, and if the person did not catch it, he would not repeat it.

On this island, other than abiding by Alices course of treatment, he ate four meals a day at fixed times.

Every morning at seven, he would wake up naturally.

Then he would stroll around the beach before returning to his study to read for the entire morning.

After lunch, he would be tested at the medical center.

His physical condition was terrible.

After a period of recuperation, his various functions improved.

Sometimes, when Alice was not on the island, he would go into the laboratory in the afternoon to study quantum transmission.

At night, after dinner, he would retire to bed early.

Lisa understood that his reticence was partly due to his inexpressive nature and partly because many of his memories had been sealed.

Hence, sometimes, his mind was just blank.

The only thing he remembered was the Deva Eye project.

Usually, he would lock himself in the laboratory and constantly check the formulas.

Sometimes, when she walked in, she would see him lying slumped across the table, his breathing would be light and shallow.

Her heart ached a little, but there was nothing she could do.

She knew that it was Gong Shaoyings order for Alice to seal the boys memories.

He had been assigned to this island, and she would do her part to protect him.

“Master, the wind is getting stronger.

Lets go home!” she whispered.

Gong Fan remained silent and did not move an inch.

His skin was almost numb from the icy sea breeze.

However, even he did not know why he was waiting persistently by the sea.

The temperature gradually dipped and the wind was so cold it stung right to his bones.

He suddenly turned around expressionlessly and walked towards the villa.

Lisa immediately followed behind him.

A few spectacular manors were built on this huge island, and thus, this place was now what separated him from the rest of the world.


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