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Chapter 3377: Nirvana (18)

“Brother” his tone was frosty..

Little Yichen suddenly felt that this boy before him was extremely unfamiliar.

Even though his facial features and eyes were exactly the same as Youyous, his cold and expressionless gaze did not have the slightest warmth or focus, making him feel a little unfamiliar.

This boy was very different from the gentle and adorable Youyou that he knew.

Youyou would occasionally reveal a cold expression, but is wasnt this kind of coldness that came from deep within.

It was chilling.

Mu Yichen looked at him anxiously and said in a trembling voice, “Have you forgotten who I am Im your brother, Mu Yichen!”

“Let go,” the boy said icily.

His hostility was difficult to ignore.

Heartbroken, Mu Yichen put his arms around his shoulders.

Hot tears kept falling from the corner of his eyes onto the boys thin shoulders.

“Youyou, whats wrong Are you really Youyou Why cant you recognize me How can you not remember your big brother”

The boy remained unmoved by his helplessness and tears, but stared blankly at the sea, paying little attention to him.

Little Yichen lifted his head and held the other boys face, asking with great concern, “Where are you Why arent you coming home Mommy, Daddy, little sister and I are waiting for you to come home! When are you coming home”

The boy shut his eyes indifferently, then opened them again, showing no emotions.

Those eyes seemed pitch-black and unfocused.

He could not even see his own reflection in them.

“Youyou…” Little Yichen hugged him tightly and refused to let go.

“Youyou, please dont scare me! Look at me, can you really not recognize me”

As if feeling nothing, the boy pushed him away and narrowed his eyes dangerously.

“Youve got the wrong person.” With that, he turned around and walked away slowly.

When Little Yichen saw this, he hurriedly ran after him.

When he reached out to grab his arm, the boy ruthlessly waved him away!

“Stop following me!”

Little Yichen fell on the surface of the sea.

The seawater splashed onto him and surrounded him, but he struggled back onto his feet and ran after the boy.


Using every last bit of his strength, he ran over and caught up to him.

In a flash, he appeared in front of him and picked up the pendant tied around his neck.

Two purple crystals were reflected in the boys eyes.

Attracted by the pendant, the boys eyes lit up.

“You really dont remember” Little Yichen displayed the pendant and said bitterly, “You gave me this amulet! Back then, I also had the exact same amethyst bracelet as my gift to you! You said that you liked it very much and would never be apart from it! You wore it all the time and refused to take it off even when you showered! It broke when you tried to protect me.

You felt the heartache and blamed yourself when it happened, and you risked your life to find these scattered amethyst beads.

Before we parted ways, you gave them to me as an amulet! Youyou, do you really not remember Have you really forgotten”

The boy was silent for a long time.

He looked at the unfamiliar pendant and then cast his eyes on Little Yichen again and said emotionlessly, “Get lost!”

He pushed Little Yichen away roughly.

Behind the boy, a huge wave tens of meters tall suddenly appeared and engulfed him.

Little Yichen held his breath in horror!


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