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Chapter 3372: Nirvana (13)

“Youyou… Youyou…”

Yun Shishi lifted the blanket and got off the bed.

She hurriedly put on her coat, took her car keys, and left the house.

She walked to the garage and got into the car.

With trembling hands, she started the car and it slowly drove away from the garage.

When Little Yichen woke up, it was around midnight.

He subconsciously reached out his hand, but there was an empty space on the bed next to him.

“Mommy” He sobered up instantly and sat up.


There was no response.

The room was empty.

Little Yichen immediately got out of bed and walked to the living room, but there was no sight of his mother.

Mu Yazhe was leaning against the sofa, exhausted from his overnight search.

He walked over and gently pushed his fathers shoulder.


Mu Yazhe was not in a deep sleep.

He stirred and became conscious as he opened his eyes.

When he saw it was the boy, he asked, “Whats wrong”

“Mommys gone!”


Mu Yazhe grabbed his coat and headed to the garage, only to find that a Mercedes-Benz was gone, probably driven away.

The boy asked anxiously, “Where did Mommy go”

“I know where she went.” The man looked at the boy and said, “Get into the car.”


Father and son got into the car and drove towards the harbor.

For the last three days, Gong Jie had deployed more than ten patrol ships to carry out large-scale search operations.

The search area had been gradually reduced, but even so, the area where Youyou had gone missing was an expanse of ten nautical miles, and not even a corner was spared.

There was still no news of him despite the large scale search.

It was as if he had vanished into thin air.

Dozens of underwater robots had been sent into the depths, searching thousands of meters below, but they still could not find any leads.

However, even though the cost of the search alone was in the millions, no one was willing to give up.

No news was the best news so far.

However, as time passed, Gong Jies conviction gradually diminished.

The golden window for rescue was within 72 hours.

72 hours were about to pass, which meant that the chances of Youyou surviving were slim.

But even if he had not survived, surely there had to be a body.

He would not give up!

The car arrived at the port.

Mu Yazhe alighted from the car and walked towards the huge port that was bustling with noise.

He suddenly thought of a place.

He picked Little Yichen up in his arms and headed to the beach.

At dawn, there was a faint glimmer outlining the horizon.

Mu Yazhe walked to the waters edge and saw Yun Shishi standing there, not moving, looking out towards the sea.

Little Yichen was taken aback to see this.

He struggled out of his fathers embrace and ran to his mother, hugging her tightly from behind.

“Mommy!” He looked up and saw that she continued to stare at the open sea.

Her swollen eyes were filled with despair and numbness.

The boy calmed down a little.

He went to Yun Shishi and held her hand tightly.

“Mommy, dont worry.

Youyou will be fine!”

She had not slept for two days and two nights and was in a daze.

Mu Yazhe coaxed her and sent her home to rest.

However, she dreamed of Youyou being swallowed by the sea and woke up with a jolt.

Clenching her fists tightly, she suppressed her emotions and asked in a trembling voice, “Is there still no news of Youyou”

Little Yichen quickly reassured her, “Mommy, dont let your imagination run wild! Didnt uncle say that he hasnt found him yet This means that Youyou is still alive…”


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