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Chapter 3363: Nirvana (4)

Yun Shishis pain was suffocating.

If anything happened to Youyou, she would never forgive herself!

Too much time had passed, and all those who had gone into the sea were exhausted.

Of course, Gong Jie could not stop the operation.

If he was not able to locate the boy in five hours, then let it go on for ten hours, twenty hours!

He did not believe that there was not a single clue!

But on the other hand, at this point of time, no news was the best news.

Hurricane Group headquarters.

The medical center was on standby.

The phone suddenly rang.

Gong Shaoyings expression turned serious after he took the call.

Leading a troop of men, he came to the hangar.

From a distance, a helicopter slowly flew over, circled around, and tried to make a landing on the helipad.

The wind was a little strong.

Gong Shaoying narrowed his eyes slightly.

His gaze burned when he saw the helicopter touching down steadily on the helipad.

The cabin door opened and a disheveled pilot jumped down.

He was carrying a child wrapped in a blanket and hurried over to Gong Shaoying.

Gong Shaoying asked in a quiet voice, “Is he alright”

The pilot took a deep breath, shook his head, and answered seriously, “Boss, fortunately, hes not in too serious a condition.

He just suffered some impact to the back of his head and fell unconscious.”

Gong Shaoying lifted his hand and moved the blanket aside to reveal the childs delicate but pale face.

The childs eyes were tightly shut.

His long eyelashes were matted together by the congealed seawater, and his eyelids had a blue tinge to it, possibly because of the temperature of the seawater.

His skin was extremely cold, there was little warmth emitting from his body.

The seawater was icy cold.

Having soaked in it for a long time, his originally fair face was even paler, almost completely drained of color.

Because he had been wearing a breathing mask, there were dark red marks on his nose and mouth.

The oxygen mask had been removed.

But the child remained unconscious.

Gong Shaoyings expression changed slightly as he scrutinized the childs face, and actually felt the stirring of some emotions.


A great resemblance.

Those eyebrows, those eyes, and that perky nose – they were somewhat similar to Mu Qingchengs.

This child bore a strong resemblance to his grandmother!

Especially his eyes, they reminded him of her.

However, because he was injured, he looked extremely weak.

Gong Shaoying was well aware of the childs identity.

Apart from being his grandson, the boy was also one of the core people in charge of Deva Eye.

He had been kept in the dark for the past few years, and he didnt know about it.

However, after Youyou returned to the island with Gong Jie, someone leaked the news.

When he returned to the headquarters, he heard some rumors.

Following the clues, he soon found out the childs identity.

So it turned out that his daughter had given him such a talented grandson!

All this time, he had never believed that the person who proposed the Deva Eye plan was really an eight-year-old child.

And what was even more unbelievable, was that this child was his grandson!

He was so young, yet he had far surpassed all of the elders.

The man was proud of this and felt all the more regretful that he had only just found out that Youyou was his grandson!

He sighed deeply.

“How is he” Gong Shaoyings heart ached.

He immediately ordered, “Hurry up and send him to the medical center!”

At the medical centers operating theater.

Alice received the notice and rushed over.

However, she was slightly stunned when she saw the child lying on the operating table.

This child was not Gong Jies…

Back then, Gong Jie had threatened and enticed her to keep this secret from Gong Shaoying.

Did he already know


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