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Chapter 3348: Sudden Changes (89)

“How are you feeling Are you badly hurt”

Mu Yichen shook his head and consoled his brother, “Its alright.

Its just a small injury.”

Noticing that Youyou was still anxious, Little Yichen said helplessly, “Youyou, Ive suffered more serious injuries than this.

Its alright! Dont worry, okay”

“Okay…” Youyou nodded, looking rather guilt-ridden.

Little Yichen rubbed his hands on his trouser legs until they were clean of blood, then he reached out and patted his younger brother lightly on the head.

After this, he got up and walked over to Dietris, and pulled off the mans tie.

Youyou watched this from the side.

He saw Little Yichen position Dietris hands and legs to the back and bind the mans limbs tightly together in that position.

This method of tying was different from what the boy would usually see.

It appeared to be a professional method of tying up criminals.

The cords crossed and circled around in such a secure manner that there was no way the man would be able to break free.

He also drew out a pair of handcuffs.

As his actions were vigorous, it affected his wounds.

However, the boy tolerated the pain and did not make a sound.

He handcuffed Dietris to a pillar to further secure the man before turning to Youyou, saying, “Lets go look for Mommy!”

“Uh huh!”

Youyou nodded and asked worriedly, “Where is Mommy”

“Shes in the cockpit.

We have to hurry over in case anything goes wrong!”

“Have you sent a signal to Daddy” Youyou suddenly asked nervously.

Little Yichen was highly amused and replied, “Youyou, do you think Im that dumb I already sent our location information to Daddy right after I rescued Mommy.

Its already been more than half an hour.

Daddy and Uncle should be here soon.”

Youyou was finally relieved when he heard this.

The two little lads held hands as they walked toward the cockpit.

Yun Shishi had been watching over the cockpit.

She stared intensely at the captain, and could see that he was exhausted.

He struggled to hold the helm as his wound continued to bleed.

She could not help worrying if he had lost too much blood.

“Are you alright” She asked with narrowed eyes.

While she was worried, she also suspected that he had something up his sleeve.

Could it be that he was deliberately getting her to let down her guard so that he could do something

The captains lips twitched violently.

He suddenly staggered and fell over the helm!

Startled, Yun Shishi cautiously stepped forward and prodded him on his shoulder.

He slumped to the side and fell into his seat without moving.

Hes dead!

Yun Shishi was scared out of her wits.

She immediately reached out and placed her hand on the helm to steady it.

For a moment, she was at a loss for she had no idea how to control a ship, much less such a large cruise ship.

Hence she immediately reached out to pat his face.

“Wake up!”

When her fingers came into contact with his face, it was cold!

He had seemingly gone into a shock from having lost too much blood!

If a person loses too much blood and does not take any measures to stop the bleeding for a prolonged period, he may go into shock from excessive blood loss, resulting in brain death.

Is a human being… so fragile!

She sighed deep down inside!

She found this quite unbelievable.

She gripped the helm with her hands and looked nervously at the dashboard.

Several lights were flickering although she had no idea why.

She could only grit her teeth and try to make out the markings.

However, there were some labels that she could not understand at all.

She did not know what they were used for, so she did not dare to touch them.

Looking ahead, she was unable to determine if the calm surface of the sea meant it was safe.

She only had a vague understanding of the radar map on the screen.

Yun Shishi was flustered, but she could only barely stabilize the rudder and did not dare to act rashly.


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