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Chapter 267: Exchanging blows (2)

After hearing Mu Yazhe’s words, Meng Qingyang felt stupid.

Student Child

Meng Qingyang turns his head and looks at Yun Shishi who’s standing on his side with a deep thought.

Although he didn’t understand it, he knew how to judge the situation, so he said: “Oh, hello! Mr.


After saying that, he looked at the beautiful woman again on the side.

But, he really couldn’t identify this person.

She looked very kind.

But, seeing how she dressed, she doesn’t look like a student at all.

However, her appearance looks very tender and beautiful!

After thinking about it, he politely followed Mu Yazhe’s words and said: “This is Mr.

Mu’s student In just one glance, I already know that she’s a very talented woman!”

After hearing his words, Yun Shishi felt awkward!

While Li Hanlin’s mouth twitched.

Inside this room, whether a person is young or old, male or female, their acting skill is superb! Did they all go to an acting school

Mu Yazhe looked around the room, then suddenly, he said in a leisurely manner: “This room seems a little rough, it’s not suitable for a patient that needs to rest.”

After his cold voice fell, Meng Qingyang had a cold sweat.

But then, he laughed and nodded his head.

He also turns his head and blames the other doctors on the side.

Indeed, this ward is too shabby, but there is no other choice.

Li Hanlin wanted to arrange a much exclusive ward for Yun Tianyou.

However, Yun Tianyou was worried about his mommy getting suspicious.

And so, he let him make arrangement in this common ward.

As a result, Li Hanlin paid for this ward.

Meng Qingyang sweat coldly.

The attending physician on the side also had a cold sweat.

A bit earlier, he never suspected that this small patient would have a connection to a noble person.

If he knew, then why wouldn’t he let this small patient used the ICU, the room that only a VIP patient could use!

“Yes, I will immediately change this little friend’s room.”

Yun Shishi was dumbfounded.

In her memory, most attending physicians are unappealing.

They treat their patients differently.

Additionally, she has no good impression to this attending physician.

However, seeing the hospital director seriously and respectfully talking in front of Mu Yazhe.

The other doctor cannot help but also follow.

After a few more set of polite words, the doctors walked away from the room.

Meng Qingyang’s knitted eyebrows loosened.

His face also shows a sign of relief after sighing.

After walking a bit further, Meng Qingyang turned around and look at Zhao Rui, then asked: “Zhao Rui, that patient on the ward, what is his background information”

“Background Information” Zhao Rui was confused, but he replied: “Nothing special, he is just an ordinary patient.”

“After this, let him stay to the ICU.

Send him our best doctor and dieticians.

You can’t show a bit trace of neglect!”

After that, Meng Qingyang carefully said: “No matter what that patient’s request is, as long as it is not harsh, you should meet it.”

“Why” Zhao Rui is puzzled.

Meng Qingyang asked: “Do you know who is that man sitting on the bed”

Zhao Rui shook his head blankly.

“Oh, he’s a big shot! Don’t think about your position.

Even my position will depend on what he says!”

In this capital, no one will dare to provoke Mu Yazhe.

Not because of his terrible attitude, but because of the Family behind him.

They are more frightening and cruel.


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