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Chapter 3338: Sudden Changes (79)

A sense of fatigue came over him as though he just came out of a battle.

His mind was blank!

Seeing him like this, Yun Shishi roughly understood the situation.

She knew that she was out of danger, but she did not dare to move, fearful that any carelessness would trigger another dangerous situation.

Mu Yichen slowly sat up.

Wiping away the cold sweat from his forehead, he smiled nervously.

He suddenly pounced on her and snuggled into her embrace, hugging her so tightly as if she was a precious treasure that he had lost but found again!

Yun Shishi hugged him tightly as well.

She had tried to hold back her tears during the nervous process earlier, but now, she felt like bawling!

“Yichen, thank you!”

He did not give up at the most crucial moment.

Mu Yichen was laughing and crying at the same time.

Even though he was very brave, he was still badly frightened by the ordeal!

His hands had been trembling because he was fully prepared to detonate the bomb!

He never thought that he was favored by the heavens this way.

This was his fortune!

Mu Yichen did not have too much time to spend with her.

He immediately removed the bomb from her waist and threw it out through the skylight.

She stood up in confusion.

“Where are we going now”

Mu Yichen said, “Mommy, from now on, just follow me and do whatever I tell you to do!”

“Uh huh… but…” she asked hesitantly, “this is a cruise ship; its no different from a prison at sea.

How are you going to take me away from here”

Mu Yichen grinned and replied, “That is why Im heading to the cockpit right away.” After a pause, he asked again, “Mommy, are you scared”

“Im not afraid! With you around, Im not afraid of anything.” She shook her head firmly.

The boy smiled and said, “Thats good then.

Follow me.”

Yun Shishi immediately hitched up her dress and followed after him, but just as she stepped out of the cage, she tripped.

She looked back and saw that the long dress was caught by metal wires.

How bothersome.

Yun Shishi gritted her teeth.

She could no longer care about her image.

She tore off a large portion of her dress, revealing her pair of long, bare legs.

Mu Yichen held her hand and opened the door, but he was in no hurry to leave.

He knelt on the deck and placed his ear next to the ground, using the method of sound conduction to determine if there were people nearby.

After passing through the deck, he made a preliminary judgment of the deployment of people nearby and immediately led Yun Shishi to the right.

On the way to the cellar, he had already formed a map of the terrain in his mind, so he roughly knew the direction to the cockpit.

Cruise ships are all built rather similarly.

The cockpit is generally situated on the second or third floor while they were now in the basement of the ship.

Mu Yichen first settled Yun Shishi in a corner while he went to figure out the route.

On their way out of the cellar, he had taken some guns and ammunition from the dead crew members and affixed silencers on the guns.

He loaded a pistol and walked down the corridor with his back to the corridor entrance.

Then he heard someone coming down the stairs.

From the sound of the footsteps, one could roughly tell that there were two people.

He held his breath and suddenly thought of something.

He immediately put the gun back into the holster around his waist.

When the footsteps approached, he suddenly dodged.

His movements were agile and fast, like a ghost.

The two crew members were shocked by the sudden appearance of this phantom figure.

They frantically tried to draw their guns, but Mu Yichen was even faster.

He scaled the wall in a flash and with a jump, landed on the mans shoulder.

With his hands, he grabbed the mans chin and neck, forcefully twisting in opposite directions, severing his cervical joints!


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