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Chapter 3334: Sudden Changes (75)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

After Mu Yichen stuffed the chewing gum into the lock, he manipulated it with his fingers until it was firmly embedded.

Then, he straightened the watch hand and inserted it into the lock and kept turning it.

In less than three seconds, there was a click and the lock popped open.

Yun Shishi was dumbstruck as she watched him!

Mu Yichen unlocked the cage door and opened it, only to realize that Yun Shishis hands were cuffed.

The boy was definitely skilled with handcuffs, so it did not take much effort for him to unlock it.

However, the moment the lock was released, a beeping sound was heard coming from Yun Shishi.



It sounded like an electronic device.

It seemed that it rang at the same time that the handcuffs were released!

It was as though a device had been activated upon the cuffs being unlocked!

But this was only Mu Yichens guess!

He found this very odd.

This sound wasnt unfamiliar to him.

When he was undergoing combat training with the troops, he had witnessed bomb disposal events.

This was the sound of a time bomb!

Crap, could it be…!

As Yun Shishi started to get onto her feet, Mu Yichen suddenly pressed her back to her original position and said in a quiet voice, “Mommy, dont move.”

“Whats the matter” She could not help feeling nervous as well, and her breathing quickened at the sight of his wary face.

Mu Yichen immediately smiled and reassured her, “Mommy, dont be nervous.

From now on, let me take over, okay”


Mu Yichen held his breath as he listened attentively.

Following the source of the sound, he abruptly lifted Yun Shishis corset and unbuckled it.

A time bomb had been strapped around her waist.

Yun Shishi did not know of its existence because this time bomb was installed while she was unconscious!

“Combination device!” Mu Yichen looked at the timer attached to the handcuffs.

When the handcuffs were released, the bomb had been automatically activated and started the countdown.

It was an extremely complicated combination device.

The countdown continued.

On the small rectangular screen, the numbers kept jumping.

The countdown of 300 seconds meant only five minutes!

Of course, Yun Shishi did not know what a combination device was, but when she saw the rows of explosives on her waist, she immediately realized what this thing could be.

Her face turned pale!

“A bomb!”

“Uh huh!”

Yun Shishi was immediately scared witless!

She had seen time bombs in movies a few times.

Even though there were some variations in the design, the difference is that the ones in movies were fake.

In real life, once a bomb exploded, it would kill everyone in its vicinity!

If an ordinary person saw this thing, it would be like seeing the Grim Reaper itself.

They would undoubtedly be scared out of their wits!

She immediately pushed Mu Yichen away and said, “Hurry up and leave; dont bother about me!”

Mu Yichen staggered backward from the push.

He immediately got up and pounced on her, hugging her tightly.

“Mommy, Im not leaving! Dont chase me away!”

“Once the bomb explodes, youll die!”

“Mommy, listen…” Mu Yichen took in a breath of cold air and said, “Ive learned some bomb disposal techniques and have some knowledge.”

Although this was how he reassured Yun Shishi, the reality was that there were no so-called bomb disposal experts among the troops.

Most of the time, they would use robots to dispose of bombs.

After all, human lives were more important than robots..

Hence they made use of robots whenever possible.


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