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Chapter 3328: Sudden Changes (69)

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Dietris was an ambitious capitalist.

He was cunning and greedy.

How could he be satisfied with such a small amount!

He leaned back leisurely on the sofa, the wine glass in his hand swaying slightly.

He glanced expressionlessly at Youyou, who was sitting elegantly opposite him, and snorted in disdain!

“Is this your so-called sincerity!”

Youyou smiled faintly.

“Thats right, Mr.


After all, Ive caused you quite a loss, so this little token is what I should do.”

This little token Should Ha, what did this brat take him for

A philanthropist

“Sincerity! Ha!” Dietris could not help but laugh aloud.

He took a sip of red wine and slowly stood up.

He walked up to the boy and leaned forward.

Looking down at him, he asked frostily, “A mere 500 million USD, compared to the amount I lost!”

Youyous eyes were calm as he smiled and said, “Of course, its insignificant.

But Mr.

Dietris, dont you think its too much to ask me to prepare so much money within two hours”

Ditris narrowed his eyes.

There was a sharpness in them that was beast-like.

He curled his lips coldly and let out a peal of mocking laughter.

With a wave of his hand, he smashed the goblet he was holding onto Youyous head!

Bam! The entire wine glass shattered!

Scarlet wine dripped from the tips of his hair.

“Is this your so-called sincerity!”

He shouted in anger and disdain!

“Youyou!” Mu Yichens face turned pale with fright as he lunged towards his brother.

Youyou however, sat calmly on the sofa.

His lips were still upturned in a gentle smile, although now he seemed a little embarrassed.

The red wine that was mixed with sticky blood ran down his forehead, streaking across his jade-like cheek.

A lock of chestnut hair on his forehead was soaked by the blood and flowed into his eye socket.

His left eye immediately turned red!

He closed his eye, keeping the other eye half open.

He looked calmly at Dietrich without the slightest hint of panic.

When Mu Yichen saw this, anger rose from the bottom of his heart.

He suddenly stood up and glared at Dietris.

He could not wait to punch this face!

Seeing this man humiliate Youyou, he was naturally furious!

Youyou narrowed his left eye and raised his hand to stop him.

“Brother, dont be rash.”

Little Yichen was indignant.

Gritting his teeth in anger, he turned around and said, “But… Youyou, youre bleeding! Is your eye… okay Did the glass get in”

“Dont worry, sit down!”

Mu Yichen gritted his teeth and reluctantly retreated.

Youyou calmly rolled up his sleeves and casually wiped the blood and wine off his face.

With a smile, he said, “Im very sorry about this, Dietris.

I also know that your loss cannot be compensated with just 500 million.

But dont you think that its unbecoming of you to kidnap a weak woman to blackmail me”

Even Dietris could not help but be stunned by the boys perfect etiquette despite being in such a sorry state.

The smile on his face was elegant and charming, without the slightest hint of abjectness.

However, the man almost immediately regained his composure, and a look of disdain spread across his face.


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