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Chapter 3316: Sudden Changes (57)

The man ignored her and slammed the car door shut.

Her hand was viciously caught in the door.

Mu Xi let out a shrill scream!

The man walked up to her and kicked her in the chest.

In the next moment, her body flew like a torn piece of paper and hit a stone wall at the side.

The back of her head slammed against the wall!

An overwhelming darkness engulfed her!

Mu Xis body went limp and slid down the wall to the ground, her eyelids fell shut.

As the car door slammed shut, Yun Shishi nervously leaned against the window and looked at Mu Xi, who had collapsed to the ground.

She started shouting something.

However, the car had excellent soundproofing, so she couldnt be heard at all.

Mu Xi tried her best to lift her heavy eyelids, but she could only watch as the black car sped away and disappeared from her sight.


Youyou sat in the study room, feeling uneasy.

Ever since Yun Shishi left, for some reason, he felt uneasy, ominous even.

As though something bad was about to happen.

This was probably the magical telepathy between mother and son.

On the other hand, he felt that Mu Xi was acting too strange today.

She seemed distracted, her eyes were evasive and there was an inexplicably guilty expression on her face.

He accidentally saw that look of remorse and unwillingness in Mu Xis eyes when she was looking at Yun Shishi.

The guilt on her face made him feel that something was amiss.

He had sent Li Hanlin to investigate the charity banquet but had yet to receive an answer.

Growing impatient, he called the man again.

Li Hanlin soon had news.

“Ive checked all the channels, but could not find any information on this supposed charity banquet held in the capital tonight.”

Upon hearing this, Youyou stood up in alarm.


“Youyou, that charity banquet you mentioned doesnt exist.

Whats wrong Whats your motive for asking about this”

“My mommy said…”

Youyou suddenly felt his throat go dry.

“My mommy said that shes attending a charity banquet tonight.”

“Thats not possible.”

Li Hanlin continued, “Theres no charity banquet being held at all.

How is that possible!”


Youyou suddenly realized something.

Just as he was about to hang up the call, a thought struck him and he ordered, “Mu Xi! Hanlin, help me find out who this person is and what IP addresses shes been using recently!”

“Yes, got it.” Sensing his anxious tone, Li Hanlin did not ask further and immediately agreed.

Youyou dashed out of the door and hurriedly headed in the direction that Yun Shishi had gone.

At the crossroad junction, he deliberated a few times and an image of a road map appeared in his mind.

One road led to the city center, while the other led to the remote southern suburbs.

He immediately headed along the more remote road.

He did not know how long he had been running for, but when he saw a person lying on the ground in the distance, he was shocked and immediately ran up to the figure.

Only when he got closer did he realize that Mu Xi was lying on the ground unconscious.

“Mu Xi!”

Youyou stopped in his tracks and walked towards her.

After the vigorous exercise, he suddenly halted.

His felt heart skipped a beat and it started palpitating!

He frowned and clutched his chest tightly.

He staggered to Mu Xis side and half-knelt on the ground, his body swaying.

He endured the discomfort and reached out to pat her face.

“Wake up!”

There was no reaction for a long time.

Youyou nudged her.

“Wake up!”


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