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Chapter 3310: Sudden Changes (51)

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With a smile, he slipped his arm across the back of her neck and planted a kiss on her forehead.

“Congratulations, my wife!”

Yun Shishi was so touched that she almost cried.

She embraced him tightly, feeling both surprised and happy.

The crowd watched the couple intently as they left the stage hand in hand.

Lin Zhis eyes were especially filled with jealousy!

However, although she was jealous, she had grown a lot more mature through time, and after having experienced certain things in life.

She knew that no matter how reluctant she was, some people are just not meant for her!

After all, she understood that although Yun Shishi was weak, the man behind her was not someone to be trifled with, much less a docile person!

She was his counterbalance and his weakness.

Having learnt a lesson, she would not do anything foolish again.

Lin Zhi turned away and stopped looking at Yun Shishi.

As Yun Shishi returned to her seat, Yang Mi looked at her with tears in her eyes and hugged her passionately.

“Shishi, youre so blessed! I wish you the best, too.


“Thank you.”

Yun Shishi glanced at Yang Mi and Li Jiuxian and asked, “What about you two Since youve announced your relationship, when do you plan to get married”

Li Jiuxian smiled at her gratefully.

He had heard from Yang Mi that it was Yun Shishi who had given her the courage to announce all of this at tonights grand event.

He held Yang Mis hand and smiled at her.

“Theres no hurry.

After all, the relationship has just been announced.

If we got married right away, the fans will be unprepared! Besides, I promised Mi Mi to give her a sacred wedding! No matter how big or small, we need to prepare seriously.

We cant rush this!”

Yang Mi added, “Shishi, as soon as the wedding date is confirmed, I will send you a wedding invitation immediately.

You must come.”


Yun Shishi smiled mischievously.

“I wonder if the bridal party still lacks people”

Yang Mi was overwhelmed by the favor.

Yun Shishi, being of her present status, was not someone she was in the position to invite as part of the bridal party.

However, since Yun Shishi was the one who made the offer, she was naturally more than willing.

“Sure! As long as youre willing to come, of course!”

Yang Mi then asked Mu Yazhe, “Chairman Mu, will you be coming too”

“If she goes, Ill be there of course.”

“That would be such an honor!”

Yang Mi finally relaxed a little in front of Mu Yazhe.

After the National Drama Festival ended, many celebrities hurried off to take media interviews.

Exhausted, Yun Shishi rejected the interviews and took an overnight chartered flight back to the capital.

It was early in the morning when she arrived home at the capital.

She was so tired after washing up that she fell asleep the moment her head touched the pillow!

Mu Yazhe could not bear to torture her further, seeing that she was exhausted, so he embraced her and went to sleep!

The next day, Mu Yazhe went to work as usual.

Yun Shishi only woke up in the afternoon.

When she walked into the cloakroom, she found Youyou polishing the trophy she brought back yesterday.

When he saw that she was awake, he smiled happily.

“Lazy Mommy, youre finally up”

“Uh huh, woken up by hunger.”

She rubbed her flat belly and asked pitifully, “Youyou, did you set aside any good food for mommy”

“Of course I did! Anyone else can go hungry but Mommy.”

“Oh right, Little Sister…”

“Ive fed her and changed her diapers!” Youyou rebuked, “Little sister is sleeping now, Mommy.

Youre not to interrupt her afternoon nap!”

“Got it!”

While Youyou was cooking noodles, Yun Shishi sneaked into the nursery to peek at Little Yueyao.


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