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Chapter 3281: Sudden Changes (22)

The freighter slowly came to a stop.

As Gong Jie disembarked the ship, he saw Youyou standing at the harbor, looking at the castle in the distance, unable to take a step forward.

Perhaps it was a feeling of homesickness

In any case, now that he was really here, he suddenly felt as though he could not go a step further.

Gong Jie turned around and saw that the boy was rooted to the ground, looking lost.

The man was highly amused.

“Why Afraid to see your grandfather”

Youyou snapped back to his senses and curled his lips.

“Why not Rumor has it that Gong Shaoying holds a high position and is ruthless.

Even though such a figure is my grandfather, Id be afraid.”

“Are you really afraid”

Gong Jie continued casually.

“My little nephew is not afraid of anything.

How could he be afraid of Grandpa”

He walked over and picked the boy up in his arms.

Scratching the bridge of his nose.

“Dont worry.

Itll be fine.”

Youyou finally made his worries known.

“Uncle, what if Grandpa refuses to accept Daddy”

“Im here.” Gong Jie continued, “Speaking of which, you havent shown your face in the EITS task force.”


An abbreviation of Eye In the Sky, which was also Deva Eye.

There was a special team working on the Deva Eye Project, and he was one of them.

The team comprised all kinds of smart and talented experts who had mastered cutting-edge research technology.

The elites of each field were the treasures of the Hurricane Group.

Youyou had only interacted with them on the internet before.

The ones he had the deepest impression of were the chief designers of the special team.

“Are they in the Hurricane Group too”

“Of course.

Apart from you, all members of the EITS team are stationed at the headquarters.”

Gong Jie added, “Ill take you to meet them.”


The large island was divided into five major areas.

The Gong familys residence was located centrally, while the other four areas were the medical center, research center, Hurricane Group headquarters, and the Deva Eye Special Unit.

The island was covered by an extensive invisible protective net.

This protective information net, in addition to intercepting missiles, also prevented the location from being discovered by even the most precise radar.

In addition, invasion by outsiders would activate the protective mechanism over the entire island.

Although it was an island, one should not underestimate it.

It used to be an important strategic fortress in M Nation.

Now that it had been taken over by the Hurricane Group and was heavily guarded, no one could approach it.

The Special Investigation Unit was about half an hours drive away.

The car pulled to a stop in front of a magnificent building.

Youyou alighted and found himself staring in amazement at the magnificent building before him.

“How grand!”

Gong Jie instantly found the stunned expression on the boy extremely adorable, and it put the man in a good mood.

Ravaging the boys tender little face, he said, “I like this look of wonderment on your face.

Its as though youve not seen that much of the world.”

“What!” Displeased, Youyou slapped his large palm away and protested, “What do you mean Ive not seen that much of the world!”

“Alright, were going in!” Gong Jie continued, “Im curious what the team members would think when they see you.”

“What do you mean”

“Some people still dont believe that youre really only seven years old.”

Youyou was dumbstruck.

What was there to not believe

Gong Jie squatted down in front of him and asked mysteriously, “Do you know how old the youngest doctor with the highest degree is”


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