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Chapter 3267: Sudden Change (8)

The man was of medium build.

Although he was in his fifties, his facial features were handsome and he had a black beard.

The passage of time had not left too many marks on his face, and his every action had the bearing of a Russian gentleman.

Gong Jie put on a black formal hat before he pushed open the car door.

Then he walked up to the other party, carrying Youyou in his arms.

A strange expression flashed across Dimons face as he gave the young kid a puzzled glance.

His expression was slightly guarded, but out of courtesy, he extended his hand in a friendly manner.

The two of them shook hands politely.


Dimon, the goods are all here.

You can inspect them anytime.”

Dimon nodded, his expression softening, but there was a sly glint in his eye that disappeared in a flash.

“Are all the goods I want on board”


Dimon nodded and said, “The contract and transaction money are ready, but before that, may I inspect my goods first”

Gong Jie smiled.

“Of course.”

Dimon smiled and tilted his head to the side, his eyes signaling his men to get into the cargo hold for inspection.

Gong Jie also ordered his men to bring over samples of the goods for this transaction.

The boxes were opened one by one.

He casually picked up an FNFNC submachine gun and walked over to Dimon.

He smiled and explained in familiar Russian, “Im honored to be able to show you the equipment for this transaction.

The FN rifle is an improvement of the FNCAL design and uses 30 rounds per shot M16 standard magazines.

It is capable of semi-automatic and multi-target settings.

Of course, it can also be fully automatic.

This rotary gun is similar to the AK-47 design.

It has high accuracy and high lethality.”

Youyou was slightly surprised.

He didnt realize that Gong Jie could speak Russian.

The Russian language is extremely difficult to pick up, second only to Arabic.

What he did not know was that among the five languages Gong Jie had mastered, he was the most proficient in Arabic and Russian.

Dimon calmly took the rifle from him with both hands.

It was a heavy piece of equipment.

He held the gun in one hand and gently caressed the body of the gun with the other.

The metal had an exquisite finish.

At least, it could be differentiated from those of inferior quality, at a glance.

Such a rifle was priced at 1500 yuan each in the black market.

Hurricanes price of 1000 yuan each was very reasonable.

Weapons produced by the Hurricane Group were excellent in every way.

Dimon was satisfied.

He put the rifle down and studied the Desert Eagle next to him.

He picked it up and weighed it in his hand.

Then he loaded it, aimed it at the ground and pulled the trigger.

There was a loud crack.

It was powerful.

Not long after, the few subordinates came back and nodded at him, signalling that all the goods were in order.

Dimon casually played with his pistol as he lowered his head and ordered in a low voice, “Siritov, sign off the delivery order.”

The man nodded and drew out two contracts from his briefcase to sign and complete the transaction with Gong Jie.

Gong Jie ordered his men to open the two small suitcases.

They were filled with banknotes of the US currency.

Upon checking, they realized that there were only 6 million US dollars.

“Young Master Gong, the transaction amount is wrong!”

What Wrong

Gong Jie turned around with a puzzled look on his face.

His subordinate hurriedly walked forward and checked again.

He raised his head and said in a low voice, “Mr.

Dimon, are you sure theres 8 million USD in here”

Dimon narrowed his eyes and sized him up.

He said with a hint of dissatisfaction, “According to the market price, 6 million is already very high.”

Gong Jie could not help raising his brows as his lips curled into a mocking smile.


Dimon, are you trying to bargain with me”


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