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Chapter 3252: Honeymoon (3)

This made Mu Yanchen feel even more indignant!

On one hand, he was jealous of Mu Yazhes talent.

Even after leaving the Mu Group, he did not end up a pauper.

Conversely, he made even greater achievements than before!

As for himself!

He loved Meng Qingxue so much, but his marriage with Meng Qingxue was definitely not something he could assume as a matter of course!

So what if he had become the head of the Mu family

Wasnt he just a puppet who had to act according to Mu Linfengs wishes!

By the time Mu Yazhe brought Yun Shishi to their table, all the guests at the table had got onto their feet in excitement and anticipation.

Only Mu Linfeng and Mu Yanchen remained in their seats, looking uneasy and awkward!

They turned to look at Mu Yazhe, who had a calm smile on his face.

Could this guy be hoping that a toast would be enough to settle the bad blood

Mu Yazhe smiled when he saw Mu Linfeng and greeted the man, “Second Uncle, youre here.

His attitude was neither arrogant nor respectful.

His respect for him was limited to addressing him “Second Uncle”!

Only then did the older man stand up with his wine glass in hand.

He glanced at him, then at Yun Shishi.

He tried to force a smile, but the result was a hideous expression.

It was not a smile, nor was it not a smile.

It made him feel especially awkward.

“Congratulations!” he said as he gloomily raised his wine glass and drained it in one gulp!

In his heart, he thought to himself that at the very least, this kid had given him some respect by not bypassing his table!

When Mu Yanchen saw Mu Linfeng standing up to propose a toast, he also stood up reluctantly with his wine glass and said in a lukewarm tone, “Second Brother, I wish you a happy marriage!”

Similarly, he downed the wine in one gulp and sat down in silence.

From their perspectives, Mu Yazhe was undoubtedly showing off!

But the reality…

A certain man with an evil side was indeed showing off.

He invited them to the wedding and was certain that the two of them would not start an argument due to the scale of the event.

So since they were willing to attend, he would of course, not embarrass them.

However, Mu Yazhes motive was not simple.

With so many VIPs and business partners present, it was also his intention to show them the power of Shengyu Corporation.

On top of this, it was to hint to the Mu Group to not antagonize him in the future!

“Second Uncle, Yanchen, since youre here, I ought to express my gratitude! It is my hope that all the unpleasant things that happened between us in the past will be forgotten!”

Mu Yazhe poured another glass of wine and proposed a toast.

Mu Linfengs lips twitched for a long time before he eventually got onto his feet, out of the lack of any other choice, and forced a smile.

“Yazhe, I really didnt misjudge you back then! Look at your achievements now; Im happy for you!”

Mu Yanchen, on the other hand, only stood up indignantly.

At this point, Jiang Shen walked over and looked at him with disdain.

He filled his cup and said in a lukewarm tone, “Second Young Master Mu, today is our boss big day.

Since its rare for us to meet, lets have a good feast!”

Mu Yanchen felt disgusted when he heard this, as though he had swallowed a fly.

Have a good feast

He was being more than respectful by not throwing up!

This Jiang Shen was really asking for a beating!

Mu Linfeng deliberated for a long time before he finally said, “Yazhe, its good to see you again, such a rare opportunity.

I have something to discuss with you!”

“Im getting married today, lets not talk business!”


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