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Chapter 3249: Wedding Of The Century (34)

Mu Yazhes heart ached as he pulled her into his embrace.

However she continued with burning hatred, “You have no idea how torturous it is to be waiting for someone! You dont understand the despair of spending your life waiting for someone who may very well never turn up! Do you know… my mother spent her entire life waiting for someone”

Every word she said drew blood.

Gong Shaoying was in so much pain that he could hardly breathe.

He staggered a step backward and seemed unsteady on his feet.

Gong Jie immediately stepped forward and held his arm.

He said with heartache, “Father, Sister and Brother-in-law are truly in love! I can see how difficult it has been for them to get to where they are today.

Father, I hope you can leave the bad blood from the past behind.

Give Brother-in-law a chance and give yourself a chance!”

He used to detest the Mu family as well, but he had let go of the hatred so that his sister could find happiness.

He also hoped that his father would let go in the same way.

Gong Shaoying abruptly pushed his hand away and questioned, “Give him a chance! Who gave your mother and I a chance!”

Yun Shishi was stunned.

Gong Shaoying glared at Mu Yazhe and said icily, “The Gong and Mu families are irreconcilable!”

“Oh, truly.”

Mu Yazhes lips curled into a smile as he drew Yun Shishi into his embrace.

It was time for him to declare his stand!


Gong, I hope you know that the person standing before you is not only your daughter, but also my wife.

She is also the woman whom I have set my mind on for life.

The reason why you hate the Mu family so much is because Mu Sheng separated a pair of lovers in the past, causing them to be apart forever.

However, are you going to follow his footsteps, to be an executioner who breaks up lovers”

“Executioner!” Gong Shaoyings eyes widened!

How was he an executioner!

“I dont care what your take is on the matter.

Since youre here, I might as well tell you where I stand.” Mu Yazhe looked up and met the mans gaze with his own cold but determined expression.

“I know that Hurricane Group is well known, and I also know that globally, its hard to find another corporation that can compete with the Gong family.

I also know clearly what your capabilities and mine are.

Even so, it wont shake my determination to be with Shishi.”

“…” Gong Shaoying was stunned!

Even though the young man before him looked extremely youthful and handsome, his unrelenting aura was on par with, and certainly not inferior to his own.

As the saying goes, the younger generation will surpass the older, even if the current capability of Mu Yazhe was not worth a second look, in his opinion.

However, it was hard to predict what this young mans future would hold!

Mu Yazhe maintained a calm expression.

He firmly held Yun Shishis hand and said nonchalantly, “If youre willing to acknowledge me, Ill be very grateful.

But if youre unwilling to accept me, then Im prepared to be enemies with the Hurricane Group.”

After a pause, he added meaningfully, “I only hope that youre prepared to repeat the same mistake.”

“Repeat the same mistake” Gong Shaoying did not, and could not understand what the young man meant.

Mu Yazhe smiled and said in no uncertain terms, “I assume you wouldnt want your biological daughter to hate you as much as you hate the Mu family, isnt that right, Mr.


“…” Gong Shaoying stood rooted to the ground as if he had been struck by lightning!

He looked at Yun Shishi and then at Gong Jie, who was standing by the side trying to keep calm.

His hands started trembling uncontrollably.


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