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Chapter 3248: Wedding Of The Century (33)

This mans appearance was within his expectations, but also beyond his expectations.

He expected that the Gong family would find out about Yun Shishis existence sooner or later.

And when that should happen, conflicts would inevitably arise.

What he had not expected, was that the man would make a sudden appearance at their wedding.

Mu Yazhe was caught off-guard.

Yun Shishi turned to look at Mu Yazhe.

She mustered her courage and suddenly reached out her hand to intertwine her fingers with his.

She turned to face Gong Shaoying and smiled.

“Since you dont wish us well… Id like to ask you to leave.”

Gong Shaoyings expression turned ugly.

“Its our wedding event today.

I dont want anyone to ruin it, including you!”

Yun Shishi paused for a moment before continuing, “If you must acknowledge me as your daughter, then please acknowledge him as well! He is my husband – the man Ive chosen to spend my life with! If you cant accept him, then I cant accept you!”

Gong Shaoying turned frosty.

He questioned her, “Have you any idea who he is”

“Hes my husband! Theres no doubt about it.”

“Hes from the Mu family!”

Gong Shaoying interrupted her.

“You should know who caused your mothers death!”

“I know.”

“Since you already know…”


Gong, please forgive me for asking.

You clearly knew where my mother was back then…”

Tears welled up in Yun Shishis eyes as she vented her anger on him.

“Since you know where my mother was… where we were, why didnt you come to get us personally If you had come personally, that car accident could have been avoided, right!”

“…” Gong Shaoying was dumbstruck.

“So, why didnt you come”

Yun Shishis voice gradually became hoarse as she choked on her tears.

She questioned him mournfully, “Do you know how long my mother waited for you and remained faithful to you Do you know how much she silently endured for you Loneliness Helplessness Lost Confusion All these were given to her by you!”

In her childhood, she would often notice her mother sitting by the window sill, looking into the distance while making paper flowers.

She wondered why her mother was always sitting by the window.

And she never spoke much.

Until one day, she got up from the chair by the windowsill and sat back on the bed in disappointment.

She was smiling, but she looked as though she was on the verge of tears.

“Ive been waiting for him.”

She was waiting for the man she loved to suddenly turn up.

She was waiting for the day when she, sitting by the window, would see him walking up to their door.

He would wave at her and say gently to her, “Qingcheng, I should have been here earlier.”

Yun Shishi was unrelenting as she continued, “But why didnt you come Was it because you had another love, or… was it because you were busy with your so-called career”

Her hostile words were like needles piercing his heart, causing him immense pain.

Gong Shaoying closed his eyes as his heart bled.

Yun Shishi went on, “What does this show It only shows that my mother was probably not as important to you as the luxuries in life!”

Gong Shaoying froze!

Her words cut him like a knife.

His old scar seemed to have been ruthlessly torn open again, and it hurt so much that blood kept flowing!

Those painful memories resurfaced before his eyes.

He staggered and could not stand straight.

Tears rolled down her cheeks as her shoulders trembled.


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