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Chapter 3239: Wedding Of The Century (24)

Just as Little Yichen was in a conundrum, the emcee came to the dressing room and told Yun Shishi, “The ceremony has already begun!”

Yun Shishi was at once nerve-wracked.

The emcee then left for the venue, taking the two little wedding attendants with him.

Youyou saw that she was still sitting and looking uneasy.

He could not help feeling a little exasperated as he walked up to her and said, “Mommy, why are you still standing there in a daze The ceremony is about to start! You cant keep Daddy waiting!”


Clenching her fists, she told him, “I… Im a little nervous…”

Youyous lips curled into a helpless smile when he heard that.

He stepped forward and gave her a gentle hug.

“Youyou is nervous, too, but theres more anticipation than nervousness!”

He had already adjusted his own state of mind.

From how he used to reject the idea, to his current acceptance and even anticipation.

Because Daddy had transformed into a real man, a man who knew how to love and who was very responsible.

If he were to entrust his mommy to such a man, she would definitely have a lifetime of happiness!

Yun Shishi slowly got onto her feet.

Youyou and Little Yichen hurriedly got behind her and held up the wedding gowns hem for her.

When they arrived at the venue, the emcee was interacting with the groom and the guests.

The atmosphere was relaxed.

Mu Yazhe had his back to the backstage area and was facing the arch of flowers.

The emcee said to the guests, “Now, lets welcome the bride with a round of applause, shall we”

The guests naturally applauded.

Mu Yazhe held the bouquet with his back facing Yun Shishi.

Just as Yun Shishi was about to walk forward, she saw Gong Jie suddenly stop her.

He shushed her and then tiptoed behind Mu Yazhe.

The guests held back their laughter.

Yun Shishi was also amused by Gong Jie as she covered her mouth and giggled.

Standing behind Mu Yazhe, Gong Jie deliberately lowered his stance and gently wrapped his arms around his waist.

His cute and helpless look was truly amusing.

The emcee continued in a serious tone, “Now will the groom please turn around and face the bride.”

Mu Yazhe was actually a little nervous.

He slowly turned around, only to meet with Gong Jies handsome face, magnified by the close distance.

He was so shocked that he took half a step back in disgust, as though avoiding a plague.

“What are you doing here!”

Gong Jie burst out laughing and said in disdain, “Why cant I be here”


Initially, he was full of anticipation for the beautiful bride.

He could even imagine Yun Shishi standing behind him in the pure and resplendent wedding gown.

However, when he turned around and saw a man standing behind him, especially his arch-enemy, Gong Jie, his heart almost had a seizure!

The guests laughed kindly.

Mu Yazhe glared coldly at Gong Jie.

“Get lost.”

Gong Jie snorted coldly and skipped off the stage.

The emcee immediately said, “Looks like the groom isnt sincere enough for the bride to want to make an appearance.

Give the groom another chance.

Now, please turn your back and wait for the bride.”

Mu Yazhe turned around and glared meaningfully at the emcee.

Clearly, he was expressing his displeasure at that joke earlier!

Youyou told his mother softly, “Mommy, its your turn!”

Yun Shishi nodded and slowly walked forward.

The two little wedding attendants immediately ran over.

The little loli held up her train while the little boy bore the ring pillow and walked beside her, as they slowly made their way towards the groom.

She came to a halt when she was three steps away from him.


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