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Chapter 3232: Wedding Of The Century (17)

Mu Yazhe continued, “I, Mu Yazhe, swear that I will protect you all my life, lest you drift away, lest you have no one to rely on.

I will help you overcome all obstacles!”

Hearing this, Mu Xi wavered and said to Jun Mo, “Why dont we let the groom in Dont make things too difficult for him.”


Jun Mo then added, “However, we cant let her go so easily! Groom, why dont you sing a song for the bride”

“Sing a song”

Qin Zhou sized up Mu Yazhe and asked worriedly, “Chairman Mu, can you handle acapella”

Mu Yazhe deliberated for a moment.

Then, he tugged at his tie gently and started singing softly:

I want to sing to you

Take advantage of the time when youre young

Love to your hearts content while youre young

My greatest love

The journey is long, let us be together

I want to sing to you

Give me your innocent smile

We should have happiness

Times of clear skies

I want to sing to you

Move you with my passion

Time is worth remembering

Your blushing face

Who can replace you

Love to your hearts content while youre young

My greatest love

The journey is long, let us be together

Yun Shishi sat on the bed and listened.

Even through the door, she could hear his clear voice.

He sang very well.

In the past, she had always wanted him to sing for her, but he seemed to be very unwilling and reserved, and would never sing.

Now, she finally had this opportunity to hear her fill!

The door slowly opened a crack.

Jun Mo positioned herself behind the crack of the door and cleared her throat.

“Groom, Im sure youre keen to come in”

Now that the door was opened, would Lu Jinyu and the rest give it a chance to shut again

The men worked together to force open the door.

However, even so, they were still wary of the three bridesmaids behind the door, they didnt want anyone to get hurt.

Youyou exclaimed, “Daddy, congratulations on clearing the obstacle!”

Mu Yazhe was in no mood to pay attention to him.

All his attention was on the bride sitting on the bed.

It was close to 9am.

Sunlight streamed in from outside the window.

Yun Shishi was sitting on the bed in a red dress.

The golden edges of her dress seemed to glow with holy light!

Her makeup was exquisite, her eyes were like a painting.

Although her lips were painted red, they were not overly bright.

She looked especially charming.

Mu Yazhe could feel his body heating up!

However, he knew very well that this was not because Gong Jie had made him down two glasses of wine just before.

It was because the woman before him was so beautiful and compelling!

Every outfit she wore was custom-made by a famous designer.

Her long hair was tied into a bun, and sparsely adorned.

A golden hairpin brought out the exquisiteness of her makeup.

Mu Yazhe was looking forward to seeing her in her wedding gown at the lawn wedding!

She would be beautiful, dazzlingly beautiful.

He slowly walked to her and knelt on one knee, offering the bouquet to her.

“Madam, Im here.”

Yun Shishi was both shy and nervous as she looked at the bouquet in his hands.

Her fingers were intertwined due to her nervousness.

Mu Yazhe gently urged her again.

“Madam, come with me.”

Yun Shishis gaze fell on him.

He was dressed more formally and dashingly today than she had ever seen him.

He was wearing a tailored suit that made him look tall and slender.


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