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Chapter 3229: Wedding Of The Century (14)

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“Oh my god!”

Lu Jinyu exclaimed in shock.

“How are you going to carry the bride if your arms are going to be crippled from doing one hundred push-ups!”

Hua Jins voice came from behind the door again.

“Not only the groom, but the best man as well.”

Jiang Shen was bewildered when he heard that.

He lowered his voice and said, “Boss, didnt someone say that the best mans job is not an easy one, now I believe so!”

“Cut the crap!”

Mu Yazhe handed the bouquet to him.

“Hold this for me!”

Jiang Shen took over the bouquet and looked on as Mu Yazhe got down on the ground and started the push-ups.

Lu Jinyu, who was watching from the side, felt his legs go weak at the thought of having to do the same later.

A hundred push-ups was definitely not an easy task.

Even though Mu Yazhes stamina was astonishing, his handsome face was flushed red.

As he neared the 80th push up, beads of perspiration that had formed started to roll down the sides of his handsome face.

Gong Jie counted seriously through the peephole until Mu Yazhe finished a hundred push-ups, after which he said, “The best man may start now.”

Jiang Shen and Lu Jinyu felt the urge to flee.

Mu Yazhe swept a glance over and barked, “What are you waiting for”

Since the Boss had spoken, they had no choice but to do as told immediately!

Lu Jinyu even deliberately loosened his belt and looked like he was about to say something.

He shot a resentful look at Mu Yazhe before he and Jiang Shen got onto the ground and started their push ups.

Qin Zhou, who was on the other side, was beginning to feel that life was tough.

He cried out indignantly, “Chairman Mu, why didnt you say so earlier that being your best man was going to be this torturous”

“Cut the crap.

A hundred push ups.

Make it snappy.”


Qin Zhou was so angry that felt a stomach ulcer forming.

He patted his belly and psyched himself up as he sprawled on the ground with a sullen face.

The three pitiful groomsmen did their push-ups one after another.

Initially, they held decent form but soon their stamina wore out, especially Jiang Shen.

He had been neglecting his training for the past few days and felt that by the time he neared the 80th push up, they no longer looked like push-ups.

He was like a dead fish with its belly up.

Lu Jinyu was the first to finish.

When he was done, he slumped to the ground and started to contemplate his life.

Mu Yazhe thoughtfully held a handkerchief out to him.

Lu Jinyu took it weakly and leaned against the wall, no longer caring about his etiquette.

Jiang Shen and Qin Zhou finished at the same time.

When they were done, they looked like they wanted to cry but had no tears.

Qin Zhou confessed, “Ive never done so many push-ups in my life!”

Mu Yazhe then turned to face the door and asked, “May we go in now”

Gong Jies voice floated out.

“You think life is so simple”


Jiang Shen was gripped by a lingering fear.

“Dont tell me hes up to something again”

Gong Jie said, “Now you are to do a hundred sit-ups!”

Lu Jinyu nearly fell to the ground.

Qin Zhou finally understood what was going on.

He moved closer to Mu Yazhe and said in a lowered voice, “Chairman Mu, I finally realize—-what this man wants from you.”


“Your brother-in-law wants you to humble yourself and beg for mercy! Perhaps then hed let you in!”

“Beg for mercy”

Mu Yazhe, upon hearing this, thought the same thing!

Indeed, he had always been at odds with Gong Jie.

With such an opportunity, it was clear that the man would not let him in easily.

But to beg for mercy

He would never fulfill his wish!

“A hundred sit-ups”



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