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Chapter 3225: Wedding Of The Century (10)


Youyou pinched her tender cheeks, only to see her yawning.

He said hurriedly, “Lets quickly send Little Sister back to sleep!”

Little Yichen nodded and quietly snuck her back to her room.

The following night, at the exact time that Youyou had worked out, being already familiar with his sisters waking and feeding pattern, he snuck Yueyao to his room and patiently taught her to talk again.

When Yueyao was tired, Little Yichen carried her back to the nursery.

However, for the next four to five days, the child showed no signs of progress.

Sometimes, she would even lose her patience and kick Little Yichen.

Youyou could not help feeling aggrieved.

After all, he was told that he could already saymommy when he was five months old, andmommy was a more difficult word thanbig brother.

After days of teaching, there was still no progress.

Youyou could not help feeling disappointed.

But even so, he did not give up.

On the eve of the wedding, Mu Yazhe took out a stack of brand new banknotes.

These were meant for the childrens red packets!

Each red packet was to contain 888 yuan; eight 100 yuan notes, eight 10 yuan notes, and eight 1 yuan notes.

The amount was not large and was supposedly auspicious.

However, these red packets had to be manually packed.

Youyou and Yichen volunteered to pack the red packets, and Yun Shishi, seeing that they had volunteered to share the burden, went to the garden to cut some roses for the brides bouquet.

On the day of the wedding, both outdoor and indoor settings were used.

The outdoor setting was to feature a western-style lawn wedding while the indoor setting was background to a traditional Chinese wedding.

The western-style wedding was relaxed and romantic, while the Chinese-style wedding was grand and solemn.

This was the final result of their discussion.

The Western and Chinese elements that did not conflict with each other.

The lawn wedding was an easy and romantic affair with the young guests, and having the wedding held on the home grounds made it seem a little more formal.

After Youyou and Little Yichen sealed all the red packets, there was an additional one.

Youyou said that he wanted to give this to Little Sister.

He went to the nursery, leaned over the crib and stuffed the red packet into his little sisters hands.

“Here, Little Sister! This is for you! Call meBig Brother!”

He was only joking and teasing her.

After all, he was not expecting his sister to be able to greet him!

However, what happened next gave Youyou a big surprise!

Little Yueyao reached out with her tiny hand and pinched the corner of the red packet tightly.

Her other hand was curiously fiddling with the red packet as she wondered what was in it.

She held the red packet in one hand and moved her tiny mouth, calling out, “Big—Brother——!”

This… this was her saying “big brother”!

Youyou was truly shocked!

He was so nervous that he held his breath and listened carefully.

Little Yueyao did not disappoint him.

As she waved the red packet in her hand, bubbles formed on her pink lips as she said, “Big—Brother—”


Youyou was so excited that he nearly jumped!

Perhaps, little Yueyao did not quite understand what the term “big brother” meant!


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