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Chapter 3218: Wedding Of The Century (3)

On the eve of the wedding, there was much preparation work to be done.

Mu Yazhe had started preparing a month in advance in case there was too little time and they got flustered.

The wedding invitations had already been sent out.

Yun Shishi had personally designed the wedding invitation this time.

After her confinement, she did not immediately return to work.

When she was at home, she would read some reference books.

Hoping that she could participate in the design of the weddings setting and invitation as much as possible, she learned some graphic design.

The design of the invitation was very special.

The red background, gold edges, and open-work roses made use of both Chinese and Western styles and added to the festive atmosphere.

After sending out the invitation, they had to start preparing the details of the wedding.

For example, the problem of bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Youyou suggested putting together a team of bridesmaids, but Yun Shishi did not have many good friends.

Furthermore, those who were married could not be bridesmaids.

Finally, the bridesmaids were Xiao Xue, Mu Xi, and Jun Mo.

Jun Mo was pleasantly surprised to receive Yun Shishis invitation to be a bridesmaid.

She joked that in the movie “Innocence”, she played the supporting male lead role of Su Qi and now, she was finally going to personally walk her beloved down the aisle.

However, she was a little worried that if she had to wear a dress, she wouldnt be able to carry it off.

Jun Mo had always dressed in an androgynous way.

In addition, Yun Shishis wedding was a Chinese-style one, so she was a little concerned.

However, the wedding planner had suggested that if the short hair and Han attire looked out of place, a wig could be provided.

When Yun Shishi heard this, she immediately herded the three bridesmaids to come together for a makeup trial.

After a fitting, they realized that Jun Mo actually looked very good in a female outfit.

After all, her facial features were well-defined.

A good-looking person would look good in anything!

Initially, Jun Mo felt a little awkward, but since Yun Shishi repeatedly emphasized that the wedding was a once-in-a-lifetime event and that she had to oblige, the girl could only bite the bullet and agree!

Of course, there was no need to worry about how things were going with the best man!

Lu Jinyu and Jiang Shen were the most readily available candidates, and Mu Yazhe had invited Qin Zhou to be his best man.

Qin Zhou was naturally more than happy to attend such a joyous occasion!

Eventually, they sorted out the bridesmaids and groomsmen candidates.

When she returned home at night, Yun Shishi showed the bridesmaids trial makeup to Mu Yazhe.

Mu Yazhe especially noticed Jun Mos appearance and immediately recognized her as the supporting male lead in the movie.

He found it rather incredible!

“Who is she”

Isnt she the supporting male lead

Yun Shishi rebuked, “Have you forgotten Ive introduced her to you before.

Her name is Jun Mo, and shes a girl.

However shes a musician and likes to dress up in an androgynous manner.

Her fans have always called hermale idol! Now, she has suffered a little because of my wedding.

It seems this is the first time shes worn a dress since she was young! Im rather flattered by this!”

Mu Yazhe held back his laughter and nodded.

“Yes! Shes quite pretty!”

He asked again, “Have you sent out the invitations”

“Uh huh.”

Actually, the VIP list for the wedding had been prepared long ago.

Many invitations had been written long ago.

However, there was just this one invitation that could no longer be sent to its addressee!

Yun Shishi returned to the study room and slowly pulled open the drawer.

There was an invitation lying inside.

She picked it up and flipped it open.

Her fingers gently caressed the name.

The ink on the nameGu Xingze had long dried.


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