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Chapter 3212: Journey Of A Father (39)

Everyone looked on in amazement as Mu Yazhe raised the gun, focused, loaded it with great familiarity, and pulled the trigger again.




Accompanied by the sound of balloons exploding, the scoreboards kept falling to the ground.

The surrounding crowd started discussing.

“This man has excellent marksmanship! It doesnt seem like hes playing with guns for the first time.

Could he be a shooter”

“Given his aura, I wont be surprised if hes from the military academy!”

When the last bullet was used up, there were still a few seconds left.

Mu Yazhe put down the gun.

The staff was still dumbstruck and did not react for a long time.

It was only when the timer alarm went off that she snapped back to reality.

The man reminded her expressionlessly, “Its time to tally the score!”



The staff collected the scoreboards and calculated.

He had actually scored more than 800 points in all!

Little Yichen was shocked as well.

He walked over to take a look and saw that Daddy was lucky enough to have scored a number of “50 points”!

When he first played this game, he only managed to score just over three hundred points.

Now his father had actually broken his record!

More than 800 points.

This was truly unprecedented!

In the future, the record score at this shooting range could only be broken by Daddy!

Mu Yazhe was not surprised by his own score.

In fact, it was what he had expected.

The staff smiled and said, “Sir, you have a total of over 800 points.

You can choose any of the prizes here, including the prizes from the special award area.”

Just then, Yueyao woke up and Yun Shishi picked her up from the pram.

The little guy nestled in her embrace, rubbing her sleepy eyes and blinking gently.

Seeing that his sister was awake, Little Yichen said to Youyou, “Why dont we pick a toy that Little Sister likes”

When everyone saw this, they couldnt help exclaiming in amazement,

“What an adorable little boy!”

“Look at her eyes, theyre so beautiful! Look at her parents! Its no wonder this little girl is so beautiful.

Her father is handsome and dashing, while her mother is beautiful and gentle.

This girl is a natural beauty.

When she grows up, shell definitely be a real stunner!”

“How wonderful.

Now it makes me feel like having a daughter of my own!”

Youyou and Little Yichen started discussing nervously.

“Little Sister likes dolls.

We could get her one of those first prize SD dolls.”

“But the grand prize is a one-meter-long giraffe!”

Youyou and Little Yichen ran to the prize area and each picked up an SD doll and a big giraffe respectively.

They walked to Yueyao to offer her the various options.

“Little Sister, which toy do you like”

Yun Shishi, who was carrying Yueyao, asked the baby gently, “Yueyao, your two brothers are asking you which toy you like”

Everyones gaze fell on little Yueyao.

They were very curious to see how this cute little girl would react.

Little Yueyao first looked at the SD doll that Youyou was holding up high.

Her wide eyes lit up, and she immediately reached out her hand to grab it.

It looked like she liked it a lot!

“Yaya… ya…”

She did not know how to speak yet and could only make incoherent sounds.

However, it seemed like she really liked this doll!

Yun Shishi was surprised to see this.

“Yueyao seems to like SD dolls”

Seeing that she liked it, Youyou quickly moved the SD doll close to the baby.

Little Yueyao reached out hurriedly to grab it.


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