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Chapter 3198: Journey Of A Father (25)

Following the woman who barged in, the man walked in as well.

He first nodded at Yun Shishi as an acknowledgment before asking the woman, “Are you sure its this family”

The woman looked around.

Her gaze landed on Little Yichen and Youyou, and she immediately got agitated.

“Its them! Its these two rascals!”

Youyou and Little Yichen saw her and immediately recognized her as the unreasonable woman from this afternoon.

At once, anger welled up within them!

She had the audacity to come knocking on their door!

Mu Yazhe held Yueyao in his arms and frowned slightly when he saw the womans aggressive expression.

She looked as if she was here to stir trouble.

The woman threw a glance at Mu Yazhe and was taken aback for a moment.

It was probably because she had never seen such a young and handsome father.

She saw that he was carrying the baby girl in his arms, and could not help but feel her heart palpitate!

This scene touched her rather deeply!

That was because she had never seen a father so patiently coaxing a baby!

Other than her eight-year-old son, she had given birth to a daughter ten years ago.

However, her husband had always been very cold towards her.

It was precisely because her husbands family was considered prestigious in Beijing and had a deep-rooted notion of favoring males over females, that when she gave birth to a daughter, the family was full of complaints and even went to the extent of using connections to get her to have another child.

However, when she got married, she was already 28 years old.

By the time she gave birth to her daughter, she was already 31 years old.

At this time, it was considered a late pregnancy.

However, her husband said that she had to have a child.

Otherwise, who would inherit such a huge family business! Left without a choice, she went through another painstaking pregnancy, but soon found out that it was a daughter again and thus had an abortion.

Finally, she did have a son and only then was her husbands family appeased.

Her husbands family was over the moon of course, but god knew the pain and suffering she had gone through.

But there was no choice.

Instead of working, she relied on her husband to provide for her.

She had many demands but her husband was never stingy.

In her opinion, this was what a qualified wife would do!

Her pitiful daughter, however, was neglected by everyone apart from her and the nanny, ever since she was born.

This husband of hers had deep affections for their son and carried the boy in his arms every day.

He talked about the boy all the time and showed no interest in the daughter.

Compared to this other man who was now carrying his daughter so tenderly, she could not help feeling greatly saddened!

Hence, this son of theirs had always lived a life of luxury.

He had been pampered and spoiled like a little emperor.

And it was because the boy was so favored, that her own status in her husbands family had also increased greatly.

“Auntie, its you!” Youyou angrily stood akimbo and snorted.

“What do you want Are you here to apologize”


The woman immediately snapped back to her senses and said furiously, “Youre the one who should be apologizing!”

At this point, Yun Shishi stepped forward and asked, “What happened”

“Youre this childs parent, right!”

The woman glared at her like a tiger eyeing its prey.

Pointing a finger at Little Yichen, she said malevolently, “Dont you know how to discipline your son Hes so young and hes already going around beating up people! What will become of him when he grows up”

The man behind her also walked up and glanced at Little Yichen.

Looking very angry, he asked, “Wifey, is this the boy you were talking about”


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