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Chapter 3191: Journey Of A Father (18)

She was rather stubborn.

If it had been any other child, they would have cried.

However, everyone commented that this little sister of his never liked to cry and rarely shed tears.

She would only cry when she was feeling uncomfortable and hungry.

Youyou raised the toy and grinned.

“Come and snatch it from me if you can!”

Little Yueyao seemed to understand what he was saying.

She wrinkled her nose and waved her hands, touching the ring on the crib.

This pram was very well-equipped.

In order to train the babys ability to sit, it was equipped with strong pull rings.

When little Yueyao saw the pull ring, it was as if she had seen a whole new world.

She tugged at it, lifting her upper body slightly and then kicked her legs.

She actually sat up straight!

Youyou was completely stunned!

Little Yueyao was less than six months old.

Auntie Yue had said that a baby would be able to sit up on its own only after six months.

However, she was able to sit up by herself when she was not even six months old!

Youyou was so surprised that it took him a while to react.

He exclaimed, “Yueyao, you can actually sit up by yourself!”

He was rather excited, and even more amazed that little Yueyao actually sat up by herself!

However, little Yueyao did not seem to understand what he was saying.

Her gaze was still fixed on the toy in his hands.

She reached out with both hands to grab the toy!

“Alright! No more snatching, no more snatching! Here! Ill return it to you!”

Youyou immediately handed the toy over, but her little feet were still kicking hard, and sent the toy flying several meters away.

Seeing that the toy had flown away, Youyou stood up and was about to retrieve it when a thought occurred to him.

He immediately turned around and put on the brake of the pram.

Having done this he turned around and then saw an eight-year-old boy bending down to pick up the toy!

He smiled and walked over to the boy.

“Thank you!”

The boy raised his head and looked at him, baffled.

“Why are you thanking me”

“Didnt you just help me to retrieve the toy” Youyou looked at the toy in his hand and continued, “Of course I have to thank you for helping!”

The boy looked down at the toy.

It was a rainbow pony.

He had never seen a toy like this before, hence he refused to let go of it!

Noticing this, Youyou immediately said, “This is my sisters toy…”

The little boy rudely interrupted him.

“I dont care whose toy it is! Youre just saying its yours! But I found it, so its mine!”


Youyou did not expect the boy to be so unreasonable as to take his sisters toy for himself!

“Please return the toy to me!”

The boy snorted and turned to leave.

Seeing how unreasonable he was, Youyou immediately rushed forward and grabbed his sleeve.

The boy turned around, frowned, and abruptly pushed Youyou to the ground!

“I said I found it, so its mine.

Didnt you hear me”

Caught off guard, Youyou was pushed to the ground.

His brows were knitted tight in pain.

When the boy saw this, he did not feel that he had done anything wrong.

From the pram parked by the side, little Yueyao saw that her brother had been bullied.

Even though she was only five months old and still very ignorant, she could tell clearly that someone in her family had been bullied.

He had fallen onto the ground and was in so much pain that he had turned ashen.

She became extremely nervous.


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