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Chapter 3187: Journey Of A Father (14)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Come over here!”

Mu Yazhe summoned him again.

Little Yichen then walked over awkwardly.

Mu Yazhe held his hand and pulled the boy in front of him.

Then, he brushed away his hair and planted a kiss on his forehead.

“Daddy will compensate you, okay”

Little Yichens face suddenly turned red!

He thought to himself, whats wrong with Daddy

He was being so gentle to him for no apparent reason!

He could not get used to it.

However, the child was naturally delighted when he heard that he was going to get a longevity lock.

He quickly nodded and said, “Oh goody! Okay! In that case, my sister, Youyou, and I will all have a longevity lock!”

Yun Shishi was puzzled when she heard this.

She rebuked Mu Yazhe, “Did you not put a longevity lock on Little Yichen when he turned one”

Yun Shishi had planned to get Yueyao a longevity lock on her first birthday.

It was too early to do it during the 100-day banquet, so there was no hurry.

However, she didnt expect this man to have bought the girl one even though he personally did not appear to believe in such things.

She was a little surprised at his thoughtfulness.

However, when she heard that Little Yichen did not have one, she was a little surprised.

She had assumed that Little Yichen did have one, but like Youyou, he just didnt wear it.

Mu Yazhe said, “I didnt know about longevity locks back then.”

“Youre a father now, after all.

You cant just take care of the little one and not the older one, otherwise, youll be suspected of being biased!” She snorted, clearly taking sides with Little Yichen.

Mu Yazhe humbly accepted her advice.

“Madam is right!”

Yun Shishi was amused to hear that and exchanged a smile with Little Yichen.

When night came, the family showered and went to bed.

Yun Shishi lifted the blanket and moved toward Mu Yazhe.

She hugged him and said, “Hubby”


“Dont you think that you cared too little for Little Yichen when he was young”

Mu Yazhe nodded and she continued, “Today, I noticed the look of disappointment on Little Yichens face when he saw that little Yueyao also had a longevity lock! Its rather heartbreaking to see that expression!”

She sounded like she was blaming him.

He patted her back lightly but did not deny it!

“Indeed, I rarely took care of Mu Yichen when he was young.

At that time, there were no capable assistants in the financial group.

Lu Jinyu and Jiang Shen were still young and inexperienced.

I had a lot of work to do, so I rarely had time to spend with him.”

Yun Shishi expressed her understanding.

After all, no matter how capable a man was, he was still only human!

From a certain perspective, Mu Yazhe had indeed educated children before, and it was also laudable!

At least, Little Yichen was not like those spoiled rich second-generation heirs.

This proved that Mu Yazhe had put in a lot of effort into educating his children!

However, he was a father after all, and fatherly love was not as gentle as motherly love.

She was absent from Little Yichens childhood and to that extent, also felt that she owed him motherly love.

Mu Yazhe continued, “Perhaps, circumstances have changed! At that time, Little Yichens perspective was that I had this child because of grandpas orders to continue the family line, but now that I think about it, I feel guilty.”

“Little Yichen and Youyou are both very sensible, but at least Youyou is often coquettish towards me! Little Yichen, on the other hand, rarely acts that way because he is conscious of being the older brother.”


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