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Chapter 3184: Journey Of A Father (11)

“Its all your fault.”

Yun Shishi blamed him.

“Trying to carry her the moment youre home.

She was sleeping and its not like you dont know how she cries when shes not fully awake!”

Mu Yazhe did not take it to heart and replied, “Ive worked hard all day.

Isnt it natural to want to pick up my little princess when Im home!”

As he spoke, he lightly kissed Yueyaos forehead to try to comfort her.

He patiently coaxed the crying child without showing the least bit of impatience nor loss of composure as many helpless new fathers would!

He was already able to handle little Yueyaos crying with ease!

He suddenly took out an exquisite looking, small red brocade box from his pocket.

He handed the box to Yun Shishi and gestured.

“Open it and take a look!”

She took the box from him curiously and asked with a puzzled expression, “What is this”

“Open it and youll find out!”

Yun Shishi raised an eyebrow and opened the box.

Inside lay a small but intricate longevity lock made of pure silver.

The longevity lock is also known as the longevity band.

It is usually put on a child during the 100-day banquet or when the child is one year old.

The purpose of wearing the longevity lock is to prevent plagues and evil spirits from harming the child.

In ancient times, people believed that once they put a longevity lock on their children, the child would be able to grow up safe and sound.

Longevity locks are mostly made of pure silver, with the words “Long Life and Prosperity” inscribed on them.

People believe that because it is a securing device, once a door or a box is sealed with a lock, only a key could open it.

Hence they believe that the longevity lock can secure good health and long life.

This is a rather superstitious theory!

Initially, Mu Yazhe did not care for all these beliefs given he had no experience with them and he had little understanding of these traditions and myths.

But on the day of the 100-day banquet, a female guest suddenly asked, “Why didnt you put a longevity lock on the child”

Mu Yazhe was a little puzzled when he heard this.

What was a longevity lock

Hence, the lady explained it to him.

However, he didnt think much of it!

But after work today, for some reason, he went to the jewelry store on the way home and chose a longevity lock with a nice design for little Yueyao.

“Longevity lock” Yun Shishi was surprised.

She pouted coquettishly.

“Didnt you say that these are superstitions and not to be believed!”

Mu Yazhes face turned red in embarrassment.

He then solemnly explained, “Although its superstition, it doesnt hurt to believe it!”


Yun Shishi held the longevity lock in her hand and traced it with her fingers before saying, “Theres more to buying a longevity lock than this! You have to remember to ask for a golden key to restore it when Yueyao turns 12! Otherwise, it wont be efficacious and will lack sincerity! Actually, I think that there are some traditions that you should either not believe in, or you should sincerely believe and revere.”

As she spoke, she placed the longevity lock around little Yueyaos neck.

As she put it on for her, she made a sincere wish in her heart: I hope that Yueyao can live a peaceful life and live a long life of prosperity!

For some reason, the moment she secured the longevity lock, little Yueyao blinked and stopped crying!


The child blinked her teary eyes.

The moisture in her reddened eyes instantly turned into twinkling stars, making her look extremely charming.


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