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Chapter 3164: Innocence 79

I was stunned upon hearing this.

She brushed past me and headed for the door.

I rushed to grab her hand, but she shook it off mercilessly.

She walked over to the couch and sat down, then picked up the receiver to dial.

I dropped the diary and ran to her.

I knelt in front of her and begged, “Mom, dont send me abroad! I dont want to go abroad! I dont want to go abroad!”

She looked at me, I could see the struggle in her eyes, but it was mostly pain and hatred.

She suddenly put down the receiver and questioned me hysterically, “For how long more are you going to harm Dongyu!”


I looked at her in shock.

I hadnt realize that I was a scourge to Dongyu.

She continued to yell at me, “Because of you, he almost couldnt go to university and almost got a lawsuit! Dongyu has been very obedient since he was young.

He dotes on you, but there is no reason that his life should be ruined by you!”

After a pause, she broke down and shouted again, “If word got out that his own sister likes him, what would people think of him Hed be made a joke! Are you really going to humiliate him like this!”


I am not a disgrace, I am not a disgrace…

I lost my ability to make sense of anything, I only wanted to stay at home.

I begged, but my mother ignored me and shoved me aside.

She hurriedly made a call to my aunt.

“Hello, Sis, its me.

Um… Ive thought about the matter I talked to you about the last time.

Um… Ive considered it… What sort of formalities would be needed to send Xiachun to America to study… Haha! Ive thought about it… Im not reluctant to part with her.

Its good to send her abroad so that she can expand her view of the world… Okay, tell me, Ill make a note…”

Her mother took a pen and paper and started writing.

“Yeah… passport.

What else Uh huh… uh huh…”

When Dongyu and my father got home, I was in the living room, curled up with my arms around my knees and crying.

My mother sat on the couch, her face contorted as she wiped her tears with a tissue.

Looking surprised, my father asked, “Whats going on”

“Ive discussed it with my sister.

The next time she comes back to visit, shell take Xiachun over with her to study in America!”

After a pause, my mother continued, “Ive already made up my mind.”

“Are we really sending her overseas” My father was a little taken aback.

He probably had the thought in the past, but perhaps felt a little reluctant.

“Why did you suddenly make such a decision”

Dongyu stood there, stunned.

He looked at me and then at our mother with astonishment on his face.


Dongyu asked, “Why are you sending Sister overseas!”

“Ive already decided, so dont ask anymore!”


Dongyu said firmly, “You cant send her overseas!”

My mother was very persistent.

“Dongyu! I really cant let her hold you back anymore! You… have no idea, she…”

She pointed at me but said nothing in the end.

Dong Yu looked at me and then at the diary that had fallen on the ground nearby.

He suddenly seemed to understand something.

He dropped his arm weakly and clenched his fists tightly again.

Then, he said in no uncertain terms, “Mom! I beg you, dont send Sister away! Shes an inseparable part of my life! Dont you think its too cruel to say this”

My mother glanced at me, clearly still furious.

I didnt know which page of my diary shed read that made her think I was so ridiculous, to the extent that she said, “I… I really should have just aborted her back then!”


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