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Chapter 3125: Innocence 46

“Theres no need to blow out the candles.

Anyway, Im sure my wish wont come true.”

Lin Lis expression froze as well.

“But, people always ask for candles so that they can make wishes on their birthdays!”

Dongyu replied, “My familys tradition is to eat longevity noodles.”

“I see…”

I suddenly stood up and placed the cake on the table.

Then, I arranged the sixteen candles one by one.

I didnt know what I was obsessing over.

I lit the candles one by one with the lighter and said to Dongyu, “Dongyu, make a wish! Although the wish might not necessarily come true, it might come true one day.”

Dongyu raised his head and finally looked me in the eye.

After a moment of silence, his lips turned upwards in a smile that wasnt really a smile.

“My wish will never come true.”

My smile faltered.

Su Qi could not help being curious.

“What kind of wish is it that even you believe it will never be fulfilled”

“Let me guess!” Lin Li thought for a moment.

“Getting into a good university”

Su Qi said, “Given Dongyus results, its definitely not difficult for him to get into a top university.

Is there even a need to make a wish”

Lin Li guessed again, “Find a decent job in the future.”

Su Qi retorted again, “Do you need to worry about your job after attending a good university Lin Li, dont make wild guesses.

Dongyu is always unfathomable.

Who knows what hes thinking all day”

Suddenly I walked over to the switch and turned off the lights.

At once, all that could be seen in the dining room was the flickering glow of the candles, and Dongyus face lit by the glow.

His deep set facial features looked inexplicably downcast.

Su Qi also called out, “Quickly make a wish! Whether it will come true or not, there must be a wish! Close your eyes, show some sincerity!”

Only then did Dongyu close his eyes.

Five seconds later, he blew out the candle with a puff.

Su Qi came over and turned on the lights, but when he glanced at me and saw me standing there in a daze, he looked startled.

“Whats the matter!”


I regained my composure and said, “Lets cut the cake!”

Dongyu suddenly stood up and said, “Im not eating anymore.

Lin Li and I have made plans to go to the park to observe the Lantern Festival.

Do you guys want to come along”

I realized, the Lantern Festival was just around the corner.

There would be a light show in the park and it would be beautiful.

I had always wanted to go with Dongyu.

The night view would be amazing for sure.


I looked at Lin Li with a complicated expression.

Su Qi was indifferent.

“Lantern Festival Whats there to see Its your birthday today, lets go sing!”

I added, “Yes, I want to sing!”

Lin Li, on the contrary, said, “I want to go to the Lantern Festival! Its a rare opportunity that happens only once a year! Su Qi, Xia Chun, lets go together!”

“I dont wish to look at lanterns,” I said.

I didnt want to see them walking hand in hand through the lantern displays.

Normally, when I was being obstinate, Dongyu would give in immediately, being sensitive to my emotions.

However, that night, he did not do so.

Instead, he said, “Su Qi, accompany her to the karaoke.

Lin Li and I will go to the Lantern Festival as weve already made plans.”

Then, he said to Lin Li, “Lets wash the dishes before going!”

Lin Li nodded.

The two of them carried the bowls and chopsticks into the kitchen and started washing the dishes while laughing and chatting.

Suddenly, I realized that Dongyus rare smile was no longer exclusive to me.

When he looked at me, that doting smile I used to know was no longer there.

Lin Li had stolen his precious smile from me.


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