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Chapter 3115: Innocence 36

With less than two weeks before the school anniversary, I actually started to get nervous.

I heard that the school celebration would be held in the schools newly built auditorium.

I had a deep impression of this auditorium.

Occasionally, when I went to do rostered cleaning during the week, I would be amazed by the magnificent hall!

The auditorium was large enough to hold thousands of people.

It was said that the whole school would be present during the school celebration.

I couldnt help but start to get nervous, so much so that when I thought about the approaching school celebration, I would stumble and hit the wrong keys.

A week before the school anniversary.

One night, I was awakened by Dongyus urgent voice.

When I opened my eyes, I saw that he was fully dressed and squatting by the bed.

Under the moonlight, his eyes were as beautiful and bright as obsidian.

“Whats the matter”

I rubbed my eyes and mumbled, “Why arent you asleep Its late.”

“Come, Ill take you somewhere.”


He flicked his fingers against my forehead and said, “Stop asking.

Get dressed!”

He was being so mysterious it made me nervous.

I hurriedly put on my clothes.

He held my hand and we tiptoed out of the door.

We got out of the house.

It was pitch black and there were no stars in the sky.

He pushed his bike over and I hopped on.

Then he cycled me all the way to number 1 key high school.

When the bicycle came to a stop in front of a tall gate, I was surprised.

“Why did you bring me here”

“Do you remember Ive told you before that theres a beautiful grand piano in our schools music room.”

I was stunned and finally understood his intention.

“Havent you always wanted to play on a grand piano Usually, students are not allowed to touch this piano unless its a performance.

Its not convenient with a teacher around during the day.

So Ive brought you here to practice at night.”

He turned around and asked, “Are you sleepy”


I shook my head.

“But the schools music room is usually locked,” I remarked worriedly.

A smug smile involuntarily appeared on Dongyus face, revealing his snow-white teeth.

“It was my turn for rostered duty today.”

I was still confused and didnt react.

He whispered into my ear, “Theres a window, and I left it unlocked.

Ill climb through it later and open the door for you.”

Suddenly, I got excited!

What a smart guy!

However, I was still a little worried.

“Are there no teachers on duty in school If they hear the piano, wont we be discovered right away”

“Ive asked around.

Usually, the teacher on duty who is in charge of patrolling the building has already returned to the dormitory to rest at this time.

Its already so late, and only the security guards are guarding the door.

However, the security room and music room are very far apart, so they wont be alerted.”

As Dongyu spoke, he led me through the back door of the school.

Being a sufferer of night blindness, my night vision was poor.

Dongyu took my hand and we groped our way through the darkness as we walked towards the music building.

I turned and looked around.

All the lights of the school had been turned off.

I couldnt see my fingers if I stretched out my hand.

The empty hallway, the dark doors and windows, was a stark contrast to the lively scene in the day.

I was a little afraid of the dark.

I felt that such an environment was too scary.

I thought of something terrifying and shivered involuntarily, inching myself closer to Dongyu.

A persons imagination was the most terrifying thing, and I often read horror magazines at the magazine stands down the street.


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