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Chapter 3114: Innocence 35

“Mom!” The girl sitting by the side blushed and looked around shyly.

In the end, her gaze fell on Dongyu.

She pouted, but her eyes could not hide her admiration.

Actually, such jokes were extremely common.

But I didnt like it much, to the extent that I didnt look happy the whole time.

I realized, with great unease, that Dongyu and I were destined not to be tied together.

Just like what he had said back then, our close yet distant relationship would never change for the rest of our lives.

Between us, there would definitely be a third party some day.

When I thought about how this third party would want to fully occupy the crook of his arm, his embrace, his love, and that his attention would eventually no longer be focused on solely me, and I would no longer be his only one, it made me sink into unprecedented panic.

What disturbed me the most, was how much I resisted this possibility and detested the idea of a third party.

I knew these thoughts were absurd.

Nothing will come to fruition between Dongyu and I.

This forbidden love was not meant to be, right from the onset.

It was destined to never be perfected.

However, I still harbored a pitiful and humble hope that I could break this wall.

But every time I looked into my parents eyes, I couldnt suppress the guilt in my heart.

I thought that I was hopeless, but even so, I couldnt escape from this torture.

Thus, for a long time, I fell into this strange cycle.

I was troubled day and night, but I was unable to resolve it.

I thought that I had long been diagnosed with an illness that had no cure.

Besides Dongyu, no one could cure me.

I had once tried to let others enter my world, but I sadly realized that it was secured by a shackle that no one could break.

From the beginning of my life, Dongyu was my only belief.

The world could be barren for all I cared, I only wanted him by my side.

I realized that I couldnt control my feelings for him anymore!

When I was in my second year, it was also the 50th anniversary of the number 2 key high school.

There was going to be an art performance and the class had to come up with a program.

I was forced to sign up, probably because the music teacher knew that I could play the piano quite well.

Hence she had strongly recommended me for a piano recital.

I had no idea what came over me, but I agreed.

Probably it was because the teacher mentioned that if I participated in the talent show, Id get extra credits.

At that time, credits were also an important contributor to the overall grades.

Following registration, I now had another excuse to cling to Dongyu every night.

He was a little surprised to learn that I was taking part in a talent show at the schools anniversary.

Dongyu started learning how to play the piano from a young age.

As his practice partner, I watched him from the side and would occasionally pester him to teach me how to play the piano.

Although my technique wasnt all that professional, Dongyu admitted that I had good talent in music.

I had always found it hard to maintain my enthusiasm for too long, in anything I did.

When it came to the piano, however, I did manage to sustain my interest, not because of my love for the piano itself.

It was also because of some other reason that my interest in playing the piano actually lasted for a long time.

That month, practicing on the piano was especially unforgettable.

Dongyu had chosen a song for me.

I was not particularly obsessed with elegant music that was too rich in artistic vibes.

Therefore, he had chosen a nice but simple song called “Jiangnan” by Lin Junjie.

At that time, Lin Junjies songs were very popular.

“Jiangnan” was a song that everyone knew.


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